Youngstown council delays purchasing additional garbage bins

YOUNGSTOWN — Questioning whether there’s a need to spend about $110,000 on 2,386 more 96-gallon bins for the city-run residential garbage program, city council chose to wait tonight to consider that purchase.

But council authorized the board of control to spend up to $181,000 on a 3-year-old garbage truck to go along with the eight trucks it currently has for refuse collection. The actual truck cost is $180,500.

Most council members said they want more information on the actual need for extra carts before authorizing the purchase.

Also today, council approved legislation authorizing the board of control to approve a $1.5 million grant for a proposed $20 million complex and technology site to produce the world’s only self-chilling beverage cans to be built on a largely vacant East Side neighborhood.

The board is having a special meeting Thursday to approve the grant.

Joseph Co. International will start construction next month with four production buildings and its headquarters bounded by Oak Street, Lane Avenue, Fruit Street and Himrod Avenue.

Production buildings will be done by late summer 2017 and the business will be in full operation the following year.

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