Man will be arraigned in court today after girlfriend assaulted

YOUNGSTOWN — Police arrested a man about 10:40 a.m. Sunday for an assault on his girlfriend early Friday morning who received a black eye and was choked until she passed out.

Reports said the victim told police that Joseph Lumsden, 31, attacked her about 9:30 a.m. Friday in their South Dunlap Avenue home because she would not warm up his car before he left for a court date.

The victim told police she left the house with her child after Lumsden left for court and she waited until Sunday to report the attack because she was afraid.

Police took photos of the victim's injuries and then went to the South Dunlap Avenue home where they arrested Lumsden.

Reports said as police were getting information from Lumsden, his cell phone rang and he told officers it was the victim.

Reports said police put the call on speaker and the victim threatened to have someone beat Lumsden up and also choke him like she was choked.

Lumsden is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in municipal court.