One list says that Canfield is the best place to retire

By Amanda Tonoli


Canfield community leaders excitedly announced that Canfield is the best place to retire statewide.

The announcement came at a Good Morning Canfield event Friday at the Canfield Branch of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County, 43 W. Main Street.

According to “10 Best Places to Retire in Ohio,” published on Sept. 5 by Jasmin Cilas, the Canfield community is No. 1 based on the cost of living, which is 7 percent cheaper than the U.S. average; physicians per capita, or 311 doctors to 100,000 residents; and a crime rate that is 70 percent lower than the state average.

Another statistic aiding the story’s report is the low cost of living – 5 percent lower than the state average.

“It is cheap, has a good health care system with low crime rates and lots of the elderly population. ... The city has a growing community and presents a desirable place for both retirees and families,” Cilas said in her story.

Specific ratings can be found at and

Other items discussed at the event were an overview of various ongoing road projects, and those planned for the future, as well as businesses making their way into the community including a new GetGo, Starbucks and Chipotle on the corner of U.S. Route 224 and Raccoon Road.

Both Mayor Bernie Kosar Sr. and Canfield city Manager Joe Warino said they were happy with the positive feel to Good Morning Canfield.

“It’s nice to have a bunch of good news announced for Canfield,” Warino said.

Kosar said such semiannual events are a local phenomenon.

“Good Morning and Good Evening Canfield are special because they are headquartered in our special community, and not many others do something like this,” he said.