Mahoning commissioner outshines talk show host Jerry Springer at Betras roast tonight


They were funny, they were somewhat crude, and some were outright profane – and it was all done to honor and insult Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman David Betras.

With trash-talk-show host Jerry Springer running the show, politicians and others roasted Betras at a Wednesday event at The Embassy.

Those roasting took playful shots at Betras for being an ambulance-chasing attorney, who multitasks even when it’s not needed and is seemingly unable to do anything without texting and tweeting his every thought on his cell phone, no matter the time.

Among the most entertaining of the roasters was Mahoning County Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti who used a lot of words you can’t publish in a newspaper.

When she was done, Springer said, “Who would have thought I would be the cleanest one? I didn’t think I was capable of being embarrassed anymore.”

This was from a guy whose show’s recent episode titles include, “Honey, I’m Gay,” “Girlfriends Mowed Over,” “Hot Lesbian Action,” and “Dad, Stop Dating My Friends.”

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