Today is Thursday, Aug. 25, the 238th day of 2016. There are 128 days left in the year.


On this date in:

1718: Hundreds of French colonists arrive in Louisiana, with some settling in present-day New Orleans.

1916: President Woodrow Wilson signs an act establishing the National Park Service within the Department of the Interior.

1921: The United States signs a peace treaty with Germany.

1944: During World War II, Paris is liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation.

1975: The Bruce Springsteen album “Born to Run” is released by Columbia Records.

1989: Voyager 2 makes its closest approach to Neptune, its final planetary target.

1998: Retired Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell dies in Richmond, Va., at age 90.

2009: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77 in Hyannis Port, Mass., after a battle with a brain tumor.

2011:The New York Yankees becomes the first team in major league history to hit three grand slams in a game.


1991: Unable to pull Youngstown Municipal Airport out of its financial tailspin, Mayor Patrick J. Ungaro says that unless it becomes a metropolitan airport, the city will close it.

The Mercer County Solid Waste Authority gives Sharpsville and Farrell permission to ship their garbage to landfills in Ohio, rather to Erie, Pa., where the rest of the county’s waste will go.

Ohio State Coach John Cooper says that star tailback Robert Smith’s claim that the coaching staff is unconcerned with academics and player safety is “completely false.” Smith, a unanimous choice as Big Ten Conference freshman of the year, abruptly quit the team.

1976: Youngstown city officials say they are confident that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will somehow come through on the city’s request for help in making $28 million in sewer repairs over 10 years.

Dr. John E. Ratliff, a 1961 graduate of South High School, graduates from the Michigan State College of Osteopathic Hospital and begins his internship at Grandview Hospital in Dayton.

Strong recent sales of Ohio’s instant games drives sales for the Ohio Lottery to $250 million in its first two years of operation.

1966: A uniform calendar for all Mahoning County schools is proposed when district educators meet at Boardman High School to make final plans for transporting pupils.

The RMP Realty Co. of Youngstown purchases the Robins and Daniels theaters in Warren and the Robins Theater in Niles, company president Marvin Itts says.

Night football in Youngstown will continue this fall, but Mayor Anthony Flask says he will “arbitrarily stop the games if all area residents do not cooperate.”

Luci and Pat Nugent, America’s best-known honeymoon couple, spent a night in North Lima. The daughter of President Lyndon Johnson and her new husband stayed at the Holiday Inn on Market Street Extension.

1941: A Detroit radiologist is en route to Youngstown with a Geiger-Muller counter to aid in the search for $5,000 worth of radium accidentally thrown in the sewer at South Side Hospital.

David M. Robins, 61, of Youngstown, manager of the Warner Theater downtown and a brother-in-law of the Warner Brothers, dies in North Side Hospital.

A plan to pull up 3,000 tons of scrap street-car rails buried for years in Youngstown to help feed Youngstown district steel mills is opposed by some city officials who say the rails shouldn’t be donated but sold for a considerable amount.