Weathersfield starting new traffic camera enforcment system Nov. 1

Staff report


Weathersfield police will be the next local department using hand-held devices to catch speeders starting Nov. 1.

For the first two weeks, warning notices will be sent, followed by tickets with civil fines starting Nov. 15.

The Ohio Legislature recently authorized local police departments to use such devices, provided that a law-enforcement officer is present at the site at all times. The devices are part of a contract with Optotraffic, LLC.

The device takes a photograph of the car and its license plate if a speed violation is detected, according to a township news release. Violators will be sent a citation, imposing a civil fine of $100 ($150 in construction zones). No points will be placed on the operator’s driving record.

Signs will be posted on the highways entering the township to inform inbound traffic that the township uses the devices. Citations are issued to vehicles exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 mph (6 mph in school zones). People who contest their citation will have a hearing before a hearing officer.

Use of the devices has been shown to achieve dramatic reductions in speed violations, the release says. “These devices are an efficient and effective tool to protect our officers and citizens on the roads,” Weathersfield Police Chief Michael J. Naples Jr. said.

Optotraffic of Lanham, Md., is the same company that Youngstown police use for their new traffic-enforcement system. Hubbard Township recently started a similar program using equipment from Blue Line Solutions of Tennessee.