MAY 5 PRIMARY: Candidates/issues in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana counties



Candidates running in the primary election and issues on that ballot had to file with their respective election boards by Wednesday. The list is unofficial until election boards certify candidates and issues. An * denotes incumbents.




1st Ward: Democrats — Julius T. Oliver, 47 Central Square 44503; Jose A. Rivera, 24 North Lane 44506; Mike Write, 546 Breaden St. 44502.

2nd Ward: Democrats — James E. Smith III, 863 Fairfax St. 44505; T.J. Rodgers*, 2226 Beachwood Drive 44505; Doris J. Wright, 220 Kendis Circle 44505.

3rd Ward: Democrats — Nate Pinkard*, 218 Upland Ave. 44504; Rick Alli, 426 Fairgreen Ave. 44504.

4th Ward: Democrats — Mike Ray*, 377 Division St. 44509; George Doward, 916 Wilkinson Ave. 44509.

5th Ward: Democrats — Cynthia L. McWilson, 940 Woodford Ave., 44511; Michael R. Rapovy, 2265 Coral Sea Drive 44511; Kevin E.J. Salata, 3648 Risher Road 44511; Michael Santisi, 1311 W. Cherokee Drive 44511; Lauren McNally, 1820 Wampum Drive 44511; Jeff Limbian, 1418 Cascade Drive 44511.

6th Ward: Democrats — Christine Silvestri, 3925 Rush Blvd. 44512; Anita Davis, 469 Mistletoe Ave. 44511; Dario Hunter, 439 Pasadena Ave. 44507.

7th Ward: Democrats — Holly Lynn Hanni, 1553 Meadowbrook Ave. 44514; Christopher N. Travers, 4907 Sheridan Road 44514; Basia Adamczak, 1215 Aberdeen Ave. 44502; John Vivo, 724 E. Boston Ave. 44502.


Mayor: Democrats — Ronald A. Carcelli, 458 Elm St. 44471; Danny Thomas Jr., 20 Sexton St. 44471.

Auditor: Democrat — Christina Bohl*, 320 W. Hopewell Drive 44471.

Law Director: Democrat — Dominic R. Leone III*, 76 Spring St. 44471.

Council President: Democrat — Henry D. Franceschelli Sr.*, 55 Center St. 44471.

Council at large [3 to elect]: Democrats — Joseph Rudzik, 220 Maplewood Ave. 44471; John M. Pontikos, 403 Sexton St. 44471; Michael S. Patrick, 527 Poland Ave. 44471; Jim Kosek, 122 Rocky Ledge Drive 44471;

1st Ward: Democrat — Tony Fire*, 25 Sells Ave. 44471.

2nd Ward: Democrat — Carol A. Crytzer*, 61 Schenley Ave. 44471

3rd Ward: Democrat — Robert D. Burnside*, 61 Schenley Ave., 44471.

4th Ward: Democrats — Rick Bayus, 449 W. Como St. 44471; Robert D. Carcelli III*, 400 Geneva Ave. 44471.


Craig Beach: A 3-mill, 5-year additional levy for current expenses to raise $55,842 a year.

South Range schools: A 4.9-mill additional levy for emergency requirements to raise $931,838 a year.



Mayor: Democrats — Ian L. Folmar Sr., 1850 Southwest Blvd. SW, Warren, 44485; Doug Franklin*, 1450 Kensington Street NW, Warren, 44485.

Auditor: Andy Barkley, 582 Kenmore Ave. NE, Warren, 44483; Anthony J. Natale, 82 Genesee Ave. NE, Warren, 44483.

Law director: Democrat — Gregory V. Hicks*, 437 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren, 44483.

President of Council: James N. Graham*, 2160 Hollywood Street NE, Warren, 44483; John D. Robertson, 2142 Alantic St. NE, Warren, 44483.

Council at large [3 to elect]: Democrats — Christina D. Anderson, 944 Mayflower Street NW, Warren, 44483; Eddie Colbert, 1396 Autumn Drive NW, Warren, 44485; Helen Rucker,* 1400 Beechcrest St. NW, Warren, 44485; Daniel J. Sferra, 1175 Eastland Ave. SE, Warren, 44484; James T. Valesky Jr., 625 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren, 44484.

1st Ward: Larry D. Larson*, 1253 Niblock Ave. NW, Warren, 44485.

2nd Ward: Democrat — Alford L Novak*, 1706 Bonnie Brae Ave. NE, Warren, 44483.

3rd Ward: David Barran, 589 Butler Road NE, Warren, 44483; John R. Brown Jr.*, 711 Oak Knoll Ave NE, Warren, 44483.

4th Ward: James Bluedorn, 226 Adelaide Ave. SE, Warren, 44483; Sheila A. Calko, 341 Laird Ave. NE, Warren, 44483; Gwendolyn A. Hall, 2239 Draper Ave. SE, Warren, 44483.

5th Ward: Democrats — Vincent S. Flask*, 957 Hazelwood Ave. SE, Warren, 44484; Patrick J. Quinn, 1254 Willard Ave. SE, Warren, 44483. Republican — Joe Greiner, 1187 Meadowbrook Ave. SE, Warren, 44484.

6th Ward: Democrats — Erica J. Royster, 1817 Ferndale Ave. SW, Warren, 44485; Cheryl A. Saffold*, 760 Maple Street SW, Warren, 44485.

7th Ward: Democrat — Eugene D. Mach, 3176 Aris St. NW, Warren, 44485.


Mayor: Democrats — Ralph Infante*, 560 N. Rhodes Ave., Niles, 44446; Thomas A. Scarnecchia, 24 Woodland Chase Blvd., Niles, 44446.

Auditor: Democrat — Giovanne R. Merlo, 1761 Roosevelt Ave., Niles, 44446.

Law director: Democrat — Joseph T. Dull*, 1809 N. Carniegie Ave., Niles, 44446.

President of council: Democrat — Robert L. Marino Jr.*, 1855 Belle Terre Ave., Niles, 44446.

Council at large [3 to elect]: Democrats — Reginald F. Giancola* Jr., 1748 Belle Terre Ave., Niles, 44446; Michael A. Lastic, 950 Park Place, Niles, 44446; Ryan P. McNaughton, 164 Hartzell Ave. Niles, 44446; Stephen G. Papalas, 356 N. Cleveland Ave., Niles, 44446.

1st Ward: Democrat — Frank Pezzano*, 728 Mauro Circle, Niles, 44446.

2nd Ward: Democrats — John Caicco, 1701 Robbins Ave., Niles, 44446; Steven Mientkiewicz, 1438 Windward Way, Niles, 44446.

3rd Ward: Democrat — Christopher C. Doutt, 812 Hartzell Ave., Niles, 44446; Linda Marchese, 439 Summit Ave., Niles, 44446. Republican — Douglas Dadisman, 412 Russell Ave., Niles, 44446.

4th Ward: Democrat — Edward S. McCormick*, 530 Elm Court, Niles, 44446; Barry Steffy Jr., 511 W. Third St., Niles, 44446.


Mayor: Democrat — James J. Melfi*, 9 Mohican Drive, Girard, 444420.

Auditor: Democrat — Samuel J. Zirafi*, 14 Apache Trail, Girard, 44420.


Law Director: Brian C. Kren*, 429 E. Broadway Street, Girard, 44420.

President of council: Democrat — Reynald J. Palone*, 6 Hillside Dr., Girard, 44420.

Council at large [3 to elect]: Democrats — Louis Adovasio*, 325 illinois Ave., Girard, 44420; Lily Martuccio, 1317 N. State Street, Girard, 44420; John N. Moliterno, 521 E. Broadway St., Girard, 44420; Joseph P. Shelby, 600 E. Kline Street, Girard, 44420.

1st Ward: Democrat — Stephen Brooks*, 57 Avon Ave., Girard, 44420.

2nd Ward: Democrats — Mark M. Standohar, 626 E. Prospect Street, Girard; Larry Steiner*, 625 Wellman Ave., Girard, 44420.

3rd Ward: Democrat — George T. Eicher*, 460 E. Liberty Street, Girard, 44420.

4th Ward: Democrat — Thomas F. Grumley*, 152 Crumlin Ave., Girard, 44420.


Mayor: Democrat — John D. Darko*, 459 Wendemere Drive, Hubbard, 44425.

Law director: Democrat — Mark A. Villano*, 143 Mapleleaf Drive, Hubbard, 44425.

President of council: William J. Williams*, 168 Belle Vista, Hubbard, 44425.

Council at large [3 to elect]: Democrats — Jerome C. Crowe, 373 Scott Street, Hubbard, 44425; Justin Silvidi, 115 Forest Hill Drive, Hubbard, 44425. Republican — Jim Priester, 90 Oak Knoll Drive, Hubbard, 44425.

1st Ward: Democrat — Benjamin A. Kyle*, 212 Princeton Ave., Hubbard, 44425.

2nd Ward: Democrat — Timothy E. O’Hara*, 610 Creekside Drive, Hubbard, 44425.

3rd Ward: Democrat — Lisha A. Pompili-Baumiller*, 335 Center Street, Hubbard, 44425.

4th Ward: Democrat — Michael K. Toda*, 34 Elizabeth Street, Hubbard, 44425.


Mayor: Republican — Arno A. Hill*, 7450 Palmyra Road SW, Warren, 44481.


Mayor: Republican — Lyle A. Waddell*, 2404 East River Road, Newton Falls, 44444.

2nd Ward: John R. Baryak, 660 N. Canal Street, Newton Falls, 44444.

4th Ward: Democrat — Phillip M. Beer*, 509 Ravenna Road, Newton Falls, 44444.


Mayor: Democrat — Glenn W. Holmes*, 918 Pennsylvania Ave., McDonald, 44437.

Council: Democrat — Scott W. Seitz*, 435 Marshall Road, McDonald, 44437.


Bazetta Township: A 1.5-mill, 5-year additional levy for current expenses to raise $210,542 annually.

Cortland: A 1.5-mill, continuing additional levy for police protection, to raise $198,360 annually.

Cortland: A 1.5-mill continuing additional levy for fire protection to raise $198,362 annually.

Girard: A 1.5-mill, 5-year renewal levy for garbage disposal to raise $170,778 annually.

Hubbard Schools: a 4.9-mill 5-year renewal levy for the emergency requirements of the school district to raise $1,047,214 annually.

Lakeview Schools: A 4.55-mill, 37-year bond issue to raise $23,815,000 for constructing, adding to, renovating, remodeling, furnishing, equipping and otherwise improving school district buildings and facilities, clearing, improving and equipping their sites.

Lakeview Schools: A 0.5-mill, continuing additional levy to provide funds for acquisition, construction, enlargement, renovation, and financing of general permanent improvements to raise $131,705 annually.

Liberty Schools: A 7.75-mill, 5-year renewal levy for the emergency requirements of the school district to raise $1,176,316 annually.

Lordstown Schools: A 5.4-mill, 5-year renewal levy for emergency requirements of the school district to raise $770,000 annually.

Lordstown Schools: A 5.9-mill, 5-year renewal levy for emergency requirements of the school district to raise $841,327 annnually.

Maplewood Schools: A 5.4-mill, 10-year renewal levy for emergency requirements of the school district to raise $508,805 annually.

Newton Falls Schools: a 4.55-mill, 5 year renewal levy for emergency requirements of the school district to raise $585,011 annually.

Vienna Township: A 1.5-mill, 5-year additional levy for police protection, to raise $132,335 annually.

Warren Township: A 1-mill, 5-year replacement levy for roads and bridges to raise $99,121 annually.


Niles 4C: Shall the Sunday sale of wine and mixed beverages and spiritous liquor be permitted at

Niles Sons of Italy, 28 E. Park Ave.

Warren 4F: Shall the sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages be permitted at Candy Corner LLC, 2226 Niles Road, Warren.



Mayor: Republican — John C. Berlin*, 690 N. Union Ave. 44460.

Auditor: Republican — Betty Brothers*, 1851 Ridgewood Drive 44460.

Law Director: Democrat — C. Brooke Zellers*, 430 Highland Ave. 44460.


2nd Ward: Democrat — Clyde A. Brown*, 760 W. Wilson St. 44460.

3rd Ward: Republican — Rick Drummond*, 1530 E. State St. 44460

4th Ward: Republican — Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey*, 2112 Southeast Blvd. 44460.


Council [3 to elect]: Republicans — Richard Liston Jr., 710 Radcliffe Pass 44408; Crystal Siembida Boggs, 759 Fairfield Ave. 44408


Columbiana County: A 1-percent, 5-year renewal of a sales and use tax to raise about $9 million annually.

Salem Precinct 4A: The sale of beer at Marc’s Salem, 2487 E. State St.

Source: Election boards

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