Homosexual lifestyle defies God, logic and common sense

Homosexual lifestyle defies God, logic and common sense

The recent World Digest report, “Gay-rights group seeks apology,” shows how deceived gay people are. They want the Utah governor to apologize for suggesting that homosexuality is a choice. Now this is strange since everything we do is a choice, and we all make many bad choices.

Now, I don’t believe that allowing gay marriage is the foundation of anarchy, but it is one of the multitude of things that is destroying our country. They also said, “We think he is uneducated ... on current scientific positions in regard to human sexuality.” What in the world do they mean by that statement?

Science shows us that every person is born of a man and a woman and that no homosexual relationship can produce an offspring consisting of the genes of two men or two women. All sexual acts are the product of choice, and most of them are against logic and of course against the Scriptures.

God made a man and said it was not good for him to live alone, so God made a woman. The homosexual lifestyle is not only against God, but also against logic and common sense.

Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible condemn homosexuality as sinful and as a choice that individuals make and not an inborn nature that they cannot control. A true educated person will acknowledge this.

Now we also know that most of the evil in the world is done by educated people, so education doesn’t prevent people from sinning against God.

Now we are not to hate them or deprive them of their rights, but rather to pray for them that perhaps God would lead them to repentance and change their hearts in His mercy.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

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