oddly enough

oddly enough

Austrian driver stumbles onto 10-foot python

VIENNA, austria

Austrian police are looking for the owner of a large python — and the driver who found it may think twice before picking the next spot to stretch his legs.

Police said Monday they were called to the scene about 60 miles west of Vienna after the unidentified driver stumbled onto the nearly 10-foot-long reptile packed in a jute sack in a forest near a highway.

The snake was found late last week.

A pet shop has volunteered to care for it temporarily while police look for its owner.

Andy Warhol flower planned for Tacoma Dome


The city of Tacoma hopes to give the 30-year-old Tacoma Dome some pop by turning the arena’s 5-acre roof into an Andy Warhol painting.

Warhol submitted a giant, colorful flower design in a 1981 competition and lost, but it’s getting a second look.

City Arts Administrator Amy McBride says it would be “the world’s largest Warhol.”

KING reports the city decided last Tuesday to test the design for six months using a plastic adhesive commonly used in advertising wraps.

After that, the city would decide whether to approve a $2 million paint job, which would be funded by private donations.

Used for concerts, exhibitions and sports events, the Tacoma Dome is one of the largest wooden domes in the world at 530 feet in diameter and 152 feet tall.

Associated Press

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