Oops, no dredging is planned

Oops, no dredging is planned

I have been informed that the plans for the Lily Pond in Mill Creek Park call for aerating its waters, but not the dredging of the popular park attraction,

In my letter published June 20, I expressed fear that the fish and turtles in the 3.5-acre spring-fed impoundment would be destroyed through what the park calls its “restoration,” a term that clearly implies returning an entity to what it once was. The rather stagnant Lily Pond with its silted bottom has obviously seen better days.

But Linda Kostka, development and marketing director for Mill Creek MetroParks, informs me that ambitious plans for the pond, which is located just above the south end of Lake Glacier, do not include dredging.

She says that in addition to the aeration, a boardwalk and a wildlife viewing platform are to be constructed.

A “luau” was held Saturday at the pond to raise funds for the improvements.

My concern for the future of the Lily Pond stems from years of walking in the Lake Glacier area with my wife. Because of these walks that include the one-third mile path around the pond, I have come to feel rather attached to the diverse pond wildlife that we have so often encountered, such as its huge snapping turtles, colorful carp and a resident blue heron.

Thus the thought of dredging the pond was alarming to me. I’m glad it was a false alarm.

Robert R. Stanger, Boardman

Get off yacht and on course, Tiger

I have been an admirer of Tiger Woods since he first showed his skills as a golfer. After losing his game, he found it again with four wins so far this year.

Now it appears as if he has lost his game again and become a yachtsman.

Come on, Tiger, play more golf in the golf season, and do your yachting in the off season.

Gordon Mitchell, Boardman

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