Biden will visit Valley company next week

By David Skolnick


Vice President Joe Biden will tout the impact of the president’s manufacturing policies during a Wednesday campaign visit to M7 Technologies, a Youngstown advanced manufacturing company.

The Vindicator first reported May 9 that Biden, a Democrat, was expected to make a campaign visit here, likely Wednesday.

More details, including the time and how to get into the rally, weren’t provided Friday by the campaign.

During the stop, Biden will discuss President Barack Obama’s “efforts to create an economy built to last — one where hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded and everyone plays by the same set of rules,” according to a Friday campaign announcement.

Biden will “also draw a contrast” with Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who is committed to a “return to the same policies that created the economic crisis and put the economic security of the middle class — in Ohio and across the country — as risk,” the announcement reads.

“These guys have a lot of nerve to talk about more jobs for America,” said Mahoning County Republican Chairman Mark Munroe.

Munroe pointed to high gas prices, the average duration of unemployment hitting an all-time high during the Obama administration, the national debt increasing by 44 percent, an increase in people living in poverty, and Obama “declaring war on the coal, oil and gas industries, which are all vital to jobs in Ohio. That’s why we need a new president.”

County Democratic Chairman David Betras said Biden’s visit will allow voters to see “the sharp contrast between the positive direction” of the Obama administration and the “back-to-the-future policies of Mitt Romney.”

Obama “pumped life” into the area with the auto-industry rescue as well as led the nation through 25 straight months of job growth, ended the war in Iraq, and had Osama bin Laden killed, Betras said.

This will be Biden’s first presidential re-election campaign stop in the Mahoning Valley. Ohio is a key swing state in the general election.

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