The church provides guidance

The church provides guidance

In A letter in last Friday’s VIn- dicator, a writer started out by saying that he is a Roman Catholic and was “appalled” over a letter that Bishop Murry wrote that was read in every Catholic church in the diocese.

In that letter, Bishop Murray voiced his concerns about “an alarming and serious matter that negatively impacts the church in the U.S. directly, and strikes at the fundamental right to religious liberty for all citizens of any faith.” The letter is referring to an Obama administration directive that would force Catholic employers to offer their employees health coverage that includes sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and contraception.

I could write about the illegality of this mandate and how it violates my right to practice my religion, but I’m going to concentrate on the religious, ethical and moral aspects on the man’s letter.

He has a spiritual sickness, pride, because he knows better than Holy Mother Church. Christ establishes the church on earth, and as Catholics we must follow her teachings because she is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and knows what’s best for us.

The man says “the ultimate truth is that we have been given tremendous gifts by God, two of which include the ability to reason and our free will. We must use these to think for ourselves, distinguish bad from good and help our fellow human beings.” If this were the case, the New Testament would be only 10 words long; Jesus saying, “Do what your conscience and reason tells you to do.”

So why did St. Paul butt his nose in the Christian communities telling them that sodomy and homosexual practices were wrong? Did the people in those communities not have the ability to reason or not have free will like we do today?

People who believe abortion should be included in this “health care” mandate and forced on us by the government think it’s a good thing because it protects women’s reproductive rights, and it gives every citizen access to contraception, sterilization and abortions. The church teaches us that pregnancy is not an illness, it is a gift from God. Who are we in our pride to say no to God’s gift and have this gift killed through abortion?

Whose rights are being protected, the woman or the fetus? One hundred percent of the time an abortion is successfully performed, the unborn baby is killed. Abortion is the sacrament of the women’s movement. How is that health care?

Carmen Amadio, Boardman

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