Independents file petitions

By David Skolnick


Without independent candidates filing for seats such as mayors of Warren and Girard, the winners of today’s primary races for those positions won’t face opposition in the November general election.

In Youngstown, only candidates for council’s 1st and 5th Wards and for clerk of courts filed by Monday’s independent filing deadline.

That means the incumbents in council’s 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th Wards will run unopposed in today’s primary and the November general election.

Also, the winner of the Democratic primary for Youngstown council’s 4th Ward will run unopposed in November.

Struthers Mayor Terry P. Stocker is unopposed in today’s Democratic primary. But Phil DeMarco Jr. of Clingan Road, the only independent candidate in Struthers, filed to run for mayor in the November general election.

In Warren, independent candidates in council’s 1st and 6th Wards turned in nominating petitions for the November general election.

There is no one waiting to challenge the winners of the Warren mayoral race between Doug Franklin and Jim Graham or council president between incumbent Robert A. Marchese and Councilman Bob Dean.

Independent candidates filed to run for two council seats in Niles, one in Girard, one in Hubbard and one in McDonald.

In Lordstown, four independent candidates, including incumbent Robert Bond, filed to run for two village council seats.

There are already two Democratic candidates running in the November general election: incumbent Mary Jane Wilson and Mayor Michael A. Chaffee.




Clerk of Courts: Frank Bellamy, 33 W. Princeton Ave. 44507.


1st Ward: Adrian McDowell, 362 Edwards St. 44502.

5th Ward: Lou Leonelli, 2570 S. Schenley Ave. 44511.


Mayor: Phil DeMarco Jr., 45 Clingan Road 44471.


Mayor: Timothy D. Sicafuse*, 123 College Lane 44514.

Clerk-Treasurer: Linda M. Srnec*, 432 Pamela Court 44514.

Council [2 to elect]: Marc A. Cossette, 202 Edna St. 44514; Christine M. Yash*, 224 Evergreen Drive 44514.


Municipal Court Judge: Patrick P. Cunning*, 636 Matawan Ave. 44405.




1st Ward: Felicia Davis, 2423 Coit Drive NW 44485.

6th Ward: Andre A. Clarke Sr., 1509 Palmyra Road SW 44485.


Council at large [3 to elect]: Paul J. Hogan Jr., 58 Helen Ave. 44446.


3rd Ward: Ryan McNaughton, 164 Hartzell Ave. 44446.


Council at large [3 to elect]: Richard J. Watts, 412 E. Wilson Ave., 44420.



4th Ward: Michael Patrick Lynch, 468 Jones St. 44425.


Council [2 to elect]: Brian D. Fisher*, 352 Grant St. 44437.


Treasurer: Paul F. Chaney Jr., 1873 Carson Salt Springs Road 44481.

Council [2 to elect]: Robert Bond*, 4970 Highland Ave. SW 44481; John Mansell, 7598 Highland Ave. SW 44481; Ronald Radtka 2178 Pritchard Ohltown Road SW 44481; Howard W. Sheely III, 2442 Ernest Lyntz Road SW 44481.

Board of Public Affairs: John Gillespie, 4013 Radtka Drive 44481; Martin Jones, 2786 Hallock Young Road SW 44481.



Council [3 to elect]: Jan Giba, 181 Lakeshore Drive 44408; Mary Calinger-Harrold, 833 Fairfield School Road 44408; Lowell Schloneger*, 2001 Timberline Drive 44408; Richard McBane, 483 Parkview Drive 44408.


Mayor: Jerry L. Wolford*: 157 W. 12th St. 44460.


1st Ward: Dave Nestic*: 346 Hickory Lane 44460.

4th Ward: Randy Colian, 816 Jefferson Ave. 44460.

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