Gallery displays professors’ art

Staff report


An exhibition of works by two Hiram College art professors will open Sunday at Trumbull Art Gallery, 198 E. Market St., with a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. Titled “Structures and Space — Paintings by George Schroeder, Ceramic Sculpture by David Thomas,” the exhibition will feature some of each artist’s recently created large-scale pieces. The show closes April 29.

Describing his painting method, Schroeder said, “I put something down and respond to it, trying one thing and another until I sense where the painting wants to go.” He rarely uses a brush, preferring drywall knives or cardboard squeegees to provide surface emphasis “in a way that I find satisfying.” In this way, Schroeder said he can combine “precise geometry and knife-sharp edges” with roughly handled, multilayered surfaces to achieve effect.

Thomas said his focus for the past decade has been on creating large, coil- constructed sculptures. His works on display will include pieces from his Cube series, in which he combines shapes into clay collages. “I discovered long ago the advantages which clay has to offer as an art medium, and I try to celebrate its properties in all of my work,” he said.