Greatest Golf: Mill's No. 9 takes driver out of hands

This week's Greatest Golf Holes of the Valley visits the grand daddy of local golf — Mill Creek, and it's tricky No. 9 on the North Course.

Greatest blogger Jonah Karzmer weighs in with some interesting thoughts on playing the hole:

"I think this is one of the best holes at The Creek.

Standing on the tee the hole is very visually intimidating. If you don’t hit a draw, it almost looks like there’s no way for you to get the ball in a good spot to come into the green from. In reality, the fairway is wide enough where if you pull the right club, you could probably get the ball in A1 position with just about any ball flight.

The key to the tee shot here is understanding the yardage that you need to hit the ball off the tee. And here’s the tricky part to this; Most players only know their yardages for approach shots into a green.

Think about it. When’s the last time you actually measured how far you hit a three wood off a tee into a fairway? Or a four iron? Most of us know our yardages when we’re hitting an iron into a green. But how many know their true yardages when it comes to hitting a hybrid hook to a downhill fairway?

Read Jonah's full blog at this link.