Fat cats don’t create jobs

Fat cats don’t create jobs

Please tell me what I’m miss- ing here: The Republicans are taking a hard stand against the presidents’s effort to rescind tax breaks to certain individuals and corporations by President Bush in 2001.

Their reason? These people are the “job creators,” and hitting them with more taxes will prevent new jobs from being created What did they do with the almost $4 trillion extra they were able to keep?

Where are the jobs they created? If they haven’t produced the jobs in the 10 years they’ve had to do it, letting them keep more money year after year only continues to reduce revenue and increase the deficit.

And if these folks who received the tax breaks are so important as “job creators,” why do Republicans continue to blame this administration for not creating jobs? It seems they’ve made it pretty clear that job creation is the responsibility of those individuals and corporations that they don’t want to overburden with too much taxation. I guess it depends on which face they’re talking out of, because it seems they have two of them. You can’t have it both ways, boys.

I think it’s obvious now that the tax break was given to the wrong “class” of people. If the government gave the “middle class” $100, I pretty much guarantee they’d spend it so fast it would make your head spin. And it would go right back into the economy to generate more spending.

But give a wealthy person $100, and what does he do with it (besides not creating jobs)? It goes right in his pocket, or in some investment to grow more wealth for himself. There’s a reason wealthy people are wealthy. After all, it’s not because they spend their money making jobs.

Tom Brent, Struthers