HELOISE: How to conquer closet clutter

Dear Readers: Here are some Heloise hints on how to organize your closet to best use all of your space:

The first step to organizing the closet is to take an inventory and clean out things you don’t want or can’t wear anymore. Donate items that are gently used, but trash clothes that are frayed, stained, etc.

To free up extra space, keep out-of-season items in a suitcase that you don’t frequently use.

Use hangers made to hold multiple pants, shirts or skirts.

Storage containers that fit under the bed are good for seldom-used or seasonal shoes, purses, etc. They are easily accessible when you need them.

Keep a bin or basket on the floor to put extra hangers in. This way, you will have more space for clothes on the hanging bar.

Hang matching outfits together on one hanger.


Dear Heloise: When I was cleaning out the old 2010 paid bills, receipts, etc., and shredding things that could be used for identity theft, I thought, “Why not empty the cat’s litter box into the same bag with the shredded bills?” It may not totally stop crooks, but it may give them “paws.”

Susan F., via e-mail

Dear Heloise: Many of us ladies carry handbags with several zippered compartments. I find it handy to keep my wallet, cell phone and keys in one zippered section, to which I then attach a key chain through the zippered grip. This makes it easy to see at a glance where these important things are. It eliminates frantic purse searches at checkout lines, missed phone calls, etc.

Jean Milici in Torrington, Conn.

Dear Heloise: While traveling, I realized I was only an hour from where my grandfather is buried, and I decided to visit his grave. Last time the family went, we had a hard time remembering where his plot was. I called the cemetery to see if someone there could tell me where the plot was. It was so simple; I got turn-by-turn directions. I saved so much time!

Heather in San Antonio

Dear Heloise: When I travel, I put my phone number in the camera bag. In case it’s lost, the finder may call.

Also, I keep a few granola bars and nuts in my purse.

K. Jain, Reston, Va.

Dear Heloise: There was a letter in the New Hampshire Union Leader from a lady who commented on the shoe-rack use. We hung it on our cellar door for the smaller cleaning agents. We keep furniture polish, window cleaner, air freshener, etc., in the shoe rack. It is very useful that way.

Beverly in Manchester, N.H.

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