McDonald’s supplier to build here

By Karl Henkel


Anderson Dubose Inc., a major McDonald’s supplier, has applied for an agreement to build a new facility at the Ohio Commerce Center on Tod Avenue, said Mark Zigmont of the Trumbull County Planning Commission.

The 150,000-square foot facility could cost anywhere from $27 million to $34 million, Zigmont said, and could result in more than 100 new jobs in the Valley, depending on how many current employees decide to transfer from the two current locations in Solon and Carnagie, Pa.

“With possible transfers, it’s going to be closer to 200 [total],” Lordstown Mayor Michael Chaffee said. “It’s a huge plus. The more new jobs the better.”

Anderson Dubose supplies approximately 500 McDonald’s in eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virgina with food and supplies.

The company is requesting a property-tax abatement of 75 percent over a 10-year time period.

Chaffee said Tuesday the application would need to be reviewed by the village’s business review committee, which would make a recommendation to council and likely would vote on the measure at its May meeting.

It also would need approval of the county commissioners, Chaffee said.

Chaffee said he didn’t know if it was “quite the done deal as some are saying,” because nothing has been finalized, but he thinks plans eventually will move forward.

If no delays occur, Anderson Dubose — named by the publication Black Enterprise as Ohio’s most successful minority-owned company in 2009 — could begin building sometime in June.

Anderson Dubose previously looked at consolidating its two locations to North Jackson in 2009, but residents complained about a tax abatement and questioned whether the company would disturb its residential atmosphere.

Anderson Dubose did not immediately respond to a request to comment.