Gangs of females attack lone women, 2 children

By John W. Goodwin Jr.


Police are investigating two fights involving groups of females that have required several people to seek medical attention, including two children.

A 21-year-old Eastway Drive woman told police she was walking toward her apartment just after 5 p.m. Monday when she was approached by a man, who told her his sister and a group of females were coming to her home to beat her up. The man grabbed the woman’s cell phone and ran off — leaving her unable to call police.

The woman told police officers that she went home and heard a knock at her door a short time later. The woman said her 4-year-old son opened the door, and 15 females ran into the apartment and began beating her.

The woman told officers the group stepped on her 1-year-old son while continuing to beat her. She said she picked up her 4-year-old son and ran to a bedroom, but the group of women chased her — continuing the beating and hitting the 4-year-old several times.

Police reports say a neighbor who heard the commotion was able to get into the apartment and remove the two children while the fight continued.

The woman told officers the group of women eventually stopped beating her and then began stealing items from her apartment. She said the women ran off with a DVD player, movies, shoes for her kids and two purses.

An apartment manager at the complex told police she saw one of the women leaving the apartment carrying a DVD player and tried to confront the woman but was threatened with violence.

Police said the assaulted woman could hardly speak because of swollen lips and bleeding. Police also noted two bruises to the head of the 4-year-old child.

A family member took the woman and children to the hospital.

A 40-year-old West Evergreen woman told police she also was the victim of a beating when three women came to her home Monday afternoon and began beating her in the face and body with 2-by-4-inch boards. The woman said she was able to run to her front porch and call 911, but she believes the trio of women were trying to kill her.

The woman was treated by ambulance personnel for injuries to her face and was told to seek further treatment at a hospital.

Witnesses told police the fight stemmed from a verbal altercation the night before between the assaulted woman’s boyfriend and one of the women carrying the boards.

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