Christmas ideas for young bowlers

With Santa’s visit not far away, it’s time for parents to get on the ball and buy the kiddies a set of toy bowling pins.

If they aren’t inclined to play with legos, nooks or books, toy bowling pins may be the answer.

Some were available in stores — at least as of last Sunday.

I did my homework on items found on shelves locally — which is the only way I shop. No online ordering for me.

A Little Tikes brand Tot Sports Bowling Set had an age grade of 2+. The set description given was: “Junior-sized bowling ball with easy-insert finger holes. Hit pins to make colored balls inside bounce and clatter.”

Cost: $21.99.

Also found was a Stats XXL 10-pin bowling set for ages 3+. For those bilinguals, the wording is: Juego de bolos con 10 bolos.

Something we can all understand is the price: $24.99. The plastic pins are huge, probably 16 inches in height. There’s one red ball and one blue ball. The set comes in a cloth carrying case with a mesh cover.

Surprise! Made in the USA.

For ages 3-6, there’s an electronic-talking 6-pin set dubbed, “Silly Bowling Game.”

The bowling pins wobble and joke. After getting hit, the Milton Bradley brand silly pins respond in one of three phrases: “Let’s Get the Ball Rolling.” “Where Did They Go?” “I Made It” and “Woo-hoo!”

Three AA batteries are not included.

The Milton Bradley brand silly pins are priced at $20.99.


The team of Sandy Guerrieri and Joe Nuzzo tied with Monica and Rich Scherich at the conclusion of the 2010 Youngstown Senior Mixed Doubles bowling tournament held at West Side Lanes.

Both Guerrieri/Nuzzo and Scherich/Scherich rolled 1,359.

In third place was the team of Nancy Hays-Cramer and Marshall McCree with 1350, followed by Gloria Tiberio and Ted Bundy with 1349. In fifth was the duo of Carol Pasternack and Ted Bundy with 1344, while Hays-Cramer and Paul Scheetz rolled 1321 for sixth.

At age 83, Tiberio, past owner of West Side, had games of 199 and 198.

High game of 290 was registered by Rich Scherich, while Scheetz had high series of 710.

The next Youngstown Senior Tournament will be Senior Singles on Jan.8 & 9 at Amron and Boardman.

Entries are available via web page or at local bowling centers.

Questions may be directed to tournament chairman Ted Bundy (330) 770-8161.

Monte Duncan had 300-762 in Duncan Tax Service at West Side and Paul Sepesy had 300-669 in the St. Elizabeth’s League at Wedgewood on Dec. 14.

Ciarra Moran’s 267-726 and Susan Mineo’s 265-716 led C-G Pro Shop/Ladies Trio at Wedgewood on Dec. 7.

Team Rule No. 34 won Monday Classic’s second quarter at West Side with Mark Lias, Dan Clipse, Steve Sullivan, Rob Harvischak and Andrew Ruetz.