Mahoning County courts



Marriage licenses

Jeffrey M. Reigrut, 25, of 62 Callahan Road, Canfield, and Shannon L. Kennedy, 26, of same.

Jamison D. Bayne, 41, of 40 Boxwood Drive #101, Beloit, and Michelle L. King, 37, of same.


State v. Samuel N. Johntony, probation extended to Sept. 22, 2011.

State v. John Gentile, probation continued.

State v. Donald Patterson, sentenced to six months in prison.

State v. Robert A. Mikula, eligible for intervention in lieu of conviction, placed on probation for 18 months.

State v. Tamra Mabone, placed on one-year nonreporting probation.

State v. Joeziel Vazquez, count two dismissed.

State v. Tara M. Stewart, eligible for intervention in lieu of conviction, to undergo rehabilitation for one year.

State v. Kamaljit Singh, to pay restitution and costs.

State v. Lawrence Davis, mandatory period of three years’ post-release control.

State v. Alonzo R. Fornore, negatively terminated from supervision.

State v. Alia N. Hajaj, court rescinds intervention in lieu of conviction.

State v. Courtney Cobb, sentenced to complete probation with an additional year added and to complete alcohol- and substance-abuse program.

State v. Alphonso Davis, court imposes two years’ probation.

State v. Michael D. Schaper, granted one-year nonreporting probation.

State v. Dion Weatherspoon, granted two years’ probation.

State v. Albert Whited III, count three and firearm specification dismissed.

State v. Javier J. Rodriguez, released from jail on this case only.

State v. Kasandra E. Sepulveda, release from jail on this case only.

State v. Gregory Parisi, sentence suspended, placed on three years’ probation.

State v. Llewellyn Thompson, sentence suspended, placed on two years’ probation and to attend AA/NA meetings.

State v. Jeremy R. Sweet, counts one and three, dismissed.

State v. Ryan A. Burke, probation modified.

State v. Clifford I. Bevly, place on one-year nonreporting probation.

State v. Jamie Wetzl, sentenced to one year in prison.

State v. Lewis Wesley, sentenced to 41/2 years in prison.

State v. Derrick Hunt, sentenced to one-year probation.

State v. Esther Holmes, sentenced to two years’ probation.

State v. Richard Buchanan, sentenced to two years’ probation.

State v. Eugene Bowens, placed on electronically monitored house arrest at uncle’s home, to have no contact with Danielle Willis, Jeffrey Zimmerman or anyone with a felony record.

Real estate

William A. Riddick et al to Joseph J. Seefried et al, Melbourne Ave., Boardman, $52,000.

John Popovich Jr. et al to Kara Sheesley, Yolanda Drive, Youngstown, $83,000.

David Kilgore et al to Dean Rumbaugh et al, Canfield, $50,000.

Daniel J. Pomponio et al to Berry F. Gilbert, Meadowood Drive, Canfield, $267,000.

Gene R. Aebi et al to Jerry J. Gossiaux et al, 15th St., Sebring, $46,500.

George E. Playforth et al to Mark P. Wilson et al, Green Township, $360,000.

Charles E. Smith to ERZ Enterprises LLC, Austintown, $115,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to Cleophus S. Tyson et al, Kings Lane, Canfield, $245,000.

JAB Investments Inc. to Teresa Chance, Arden Blvd., Youngstown, $37,000.

Elma Paolone to D&T Investment Properties LLC, Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $15,000.

Gertrude E. Bartell to Lillian Holmes, N. Dunlap Ave., Youngstown, $23,400.

Dominic Precurato to Todd B. Carpenter et al, Milton-Newton Road, Newton Falls, $50,000.

Jennifer M. Everett et al to John E. Galla, Trenholm Road, Canfield, $98,000.

Marilyn E. Nepple to Andrew J. Bacik et al, Clingan Road, Struthers, $160,000.

Dale L. Hatton et al to Janice L. Butterfield, Dover Road, Youngstown, $27,500.