Woman arrested in boyfriend’s stabbing

Staff report


A woman was arrested after her boyfriend was stabbed during an argument, police reported.

Alarria Marshall, 23, and Malik Cartwright, 23, who live in an apartment on Roslyn Avenue, got into an argument over Cartwright’s drinking fruit drink meant for their baby, the police report says.

When police got to the apartment at 9:07 a.m. Wednesday, they found Cartwright in the hall bleeding from a wound in his arm, the report says.

Cartwright told police they argued, Marshall told him to get out, and he started to leave. She approached him in the hall and stabbed him, Cartwright told police, and he punched her in the nose to stop her from stabbing him again.

Marshall told police Cartwright approached her as she sat on the living-room couch and punched her several times in the face. She told him to get out, and as he was leaving, he spit in her face, she said. She told police she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him as he was leaving.

Police found a 4-inch- long kitchen knife on top of the television.

Marshall was charged with felonious assault and taken to the Mahoning County jail.

A police report does not indicate what happened to the baby.