Closing schools is a safety issue

Closing schools is a safety issue

I do not reside in the city of Youngstown, however I find it very difficult to understand how the city school system does not seem to understand the concept of a 2-hour delay. This allows them time to make the decision as to close or open schools due to weather conditions. Since this concept is not understandable to the Youngstown City School board, perhaps they should contact other school systems in Mahoning County to acquire the necessary information regarding this plan.

I find it very difficult to understand why Youngstown city schools were open on Tuesday when all other Mahoning County schools were closed.

The safety of the students as well as the staff are at risk. Two incidents of bus accidents were reported on Channel 27 news, and thankfully there were no serious injuries.

But the real irony of all this is the Youngstown Board of Education canceled its scheduled meeting for Tuesday evening. They obviously thought the weather conditions were bad enough to cancel their meeting, but not bad enough to cancel classes in the interest of the safety of their students.

Barbara Willett, Boardman