Boardman chief to retire then be rehired

Staff report


Township trustees have finalized a memorandum of understanding to retire — and then rehire — the police chief.

Chief Jack Nichols will retire at the end of the month and be rehired Jan. 1 for a three-year term. The memorandum also has an automatic three-year renewal unless the board votes otherwise, making the agreement effective until Dec. 31, 2016.

Nichols, who has 33 years of service with the township, has a current compensation of $128,000 annually, which includes salary and benefits. When rehired, it will be closer to $60,000.

The memorandum originally was drafted June 16 and was finalized Monday at the regular meeting of the trustees.

Township officials had said in the summer that the $60,000 in savings would be used as the starting salary for a new patrolman.

In an interview this week, Administrator Jason Loree said: “We’re still hoping to hire another patrolman in March. However, it really depends on the revenues. Right now, it’s too close to call.”