Campbell to attempt to remedy icy road

Staff report


The city is going to try to fix a stormwater runoff problem that turns part of U.S. Route 422 into an ice slick.

The portion of the road, near Struthers Liberty Road, is an unexpected and unwelcome surprise for drivers who come upon it suddenly and start to slide.

Councilman Bryan Tedesco told other council members and city administrators at a council caucus meeting Wednesday that something should be done before someone gets hurt.

“It’s a potential liability,” agreed city Law Director Mark Kolmacic.

City Administrator Lew Jackson said Campbell and Coitsville are looking into the problem.

Tedesco recommended a quick fix with “$300 or $400” of plastic pipe, saying that wouldn’t mean the communities couldn’t still seek a permanent solution.

Council President William VanSuch said he will speak to Rich DeLuca, the city’s stormwater manager, about dealing with the problem.