2 to 4 inches of snow predicted for today

The Mahoning Valley is supposed to get about 2 to 4 inches of new snow today, according to the National Weather Service forecast.

The area will get winds reaching 21 mph and heavy and blowing snow at times, the forecast states.

There’s a chance for snow showers tonight, but the new snow accumulation is supposed to be less than 1 inch.

The wind chill will drop as low as six degrees below zero tonight and Wednesday morning, according to the weather service forecast.

The forecast for Wednesday calls for less than half of 1 inch of new snow.

On Monday, 5.8 inches of snow fell at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna, where the NWS keeps official weather records for the Valley.

Another 0.7 of an inch of snow fell there as of 8:46 a.m. today.

Elsewhere, Austintown, where school was canceled today, had one inch of snow recorded by a weather tracker for the weather service over a 12-hour period ending at 7:28 a.m. today.

Other snow accumulations over a 12-hour period in the Valley include 9.5 inches in Kinsman as of 8:07 a.m. today, and 1 inch in Warren as of 7:27 a.m. today.