HELOISE: Some companies charge to send bill

Dear Heloise: I was surprised when I opened one of my credit-card statements from a store. The company is now charging me a $1 “processing fee” for sending a paper statement in the mail! It will waive the fee from this point forward if I register online and receive my statements electronically. I suppose that had I complained, it would remove the fee, but I thought this was very interesting. Everything is going to the computer.

A Reader, via e-mail

Welcome to our supposedly paperless society! We checked with a few credit-card companies, and guess what? It’s true! Some boutiques and department stores are beginning to charge a dollar fee for paper statements! Companies are trying to save money and paper by not sending bills via postal mail. You should call your card company if you have questions about this. My question? If a customer does not have Internet access, why should the customer “pay” for having a monthly bill mailed? This does not sit well with me!


Dear Heloise: When your doctor prescribes several medications at one time, it is very hard to remember which prescription is for what condition. Even though I have requested that pharmacists put what the prescription is for on the container, they frequently don’t. (Note: Pharmacists are not allowed to put added information on the label unless instructed by the doctor. Ask your doctor to note the condition on the prescription. State laws may vary. — Heloise)

When I get the meds home, I read the pamphlet to be sure which is which, then write on the label what each medication is for. This has been very helpful to me, especially if I need a refill; I know exactly which one to call in. The name of the medicine is hard to interpret, and I frequently don’t remember what it is.

C.S., via e-mail

Dear Readers: When applying hair spray, cover your ears with the cap of the hair spray, and you won’t have sticky ears.


Dear Heloise: My idea for arranging scarves: I bought chain link (from a hardware store) that is coated and the right size for pulling a scarf through. Then I hung it on hooks that I had placed along a wall in my closet. I can see all scarves at a glance.

Sharon Pane, Clark, N.J.

Dear Heloise: I have a suggestion for not running out of checks. When I put in a new set of checks, I tuck the deposit slips and the last check in the pad in the back of the checkbook holder. When I take the last check in view, it’s actually not the last check, because I have one more! Then I know it’s time to put another set of checks in my checkbook holder.

Joan, via e-mail

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