St. Elizabeth Health Center

Heather Teeters and Cory Campbell, Youngstown, boy, Sept. 22.

Forum Health Northside Medical Center

Jasmine Davis and Anthony Davis, Campbell, boy, Sept. 22.

Francine A. Smith and Lee A. Briggs II, Struthers, girl, Sept. 23.

Marilyn Campbell and Glenn Erwin, Youngstown, girl, Sept. 23.

Taylor Stanford and Alden Young, Youngstown, boy, Sept. 23.

Sabrina Sura and Dustin Allen, Girard, girl, Sept. 23.

Erica Ezzo and Johnny Serrano, Girard, boy, Sept. 23.

St. Joseph Health Center

Dennis and Melissa Wycoff, Warren, boy, Sept. 22.

Kenneth and Nicole Lowe, Niles, girl, Sept. 22.

Lindsey Miller, Warren, boy, Sept. 22.

Joseph Sr. and Taneisha Stevens, Warren, girl, Sept. 22.

Erin Phillips and Timothy Allen Jr., Warren, girl, Sept. 22.