A Mahoning County grand jury returned indictments on these people for various crimes this week.

Hank Willard, 46, Robinson Road, Campbell, failure to register address and failure to notify change of address.

Kathleen Dutko, 58, Rhode Island Drive, Austintown, unlicensed practice of nursing authorized title and initials.

Travis Donaldson, 19, of Truesdale Avenue and Tasha Martinez, 25, of Bruce Street on a superceding indictment for murder, complicity to murder, failure to comply with a signal of a police officer, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice and illegal possession of weapons.

Jessica Jones, 28, of Fountain Square, Austintown, forgery and theft.

Nasha Cottle, 28, of Sherman Court, Akron or Wake Street, Akron, receiving stolen property.

William Craft, 53, addresses on East Florida Avenue and West LaClede avenues, felonious assault.

David Lantz Jr., 30, of Ferncliffe Avenue, domestic violence.

Tanja Manigault, 33, of 13th Street, Campbell, illegal possession of drug documents.

Douglas Carnahan, 42, of Keefer Road, Girard, carrying concealed weapons.

Andre Whitlor, 25, North Truesdale Avenue, improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Krystal Reece, 25, of Pasadena Avenue, trafficking in marijuana.

Anthony Thomas, 20, of Cherry Hill Avenue, carrying a concealed weapon and illegal possession of a weapon.

Isha Butler, 19, of Tyrell Street, obstructing justice.

Joseph Guzman, 24, of South Garland Avenue, receiving stolen property.

James Salvatore, 38, of Harvey Street, Struthers, driving under the influence of alcohol.

Teresa Mills, 28, of Miami Avenue, illegal possession of a weapon and carrying concealed weapons.

Kathryn Garrett, also known as Susan Sullivan, 39, of Sugarpine, Warren possession of drugs.

Megan Peruzzi, 28, of West Manor Avenue, Poland, possession of drugs.

Paul Brown, 31, of Falls Avenue, illegal possession of a weapon and carrying concealed weapons.

Michael Pete, 24, of East Chalmers Avenue, possession of cocaine.

Joseph Fatherly, 49, of Madison Avenue, felonious assault.

Marko Bills, also known as Marco Bills, 24, and Clyde Bills, 25, both of West Glenaven Avenue, aggravated burglary and burglary.

Jerry Taylor, 51, of Goshen Road, Salem, possession of cocaine.

Michael Allinos, 40, of Sixth Street, Campbell, possession of cocaine.

Lamar Makle, 19, of Cromwell Street, carrying a concealed weapon.

Cornell Kennedy, 24, of Seneca Street, felonious assault and illegal possession of a weapon.

Tanicqua Duck, 19, of Sherwood Avenue, possession of cocaine illegal use of food stamps.

Amber Stanley, 24, South Roanoke Street, Austintown, possession of heroin.

Timothy Smith Jr., 23, Second Street, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and failure to comply with order of signal of police officer.

Chelsea Morris, 20, of South Beverly Street, Austintown, receiving stolen property.

Robert Marino, 34, of Catawba, Canfield, passing bad checks and theft.

David Dennison, 37, of Coitsville Hubbard Road, possession of a deadly weapon while under detention and felonious assault.

Source: Mahoning County clerk of courts