Work progresses on Poland schools stadium project

POLAND β€” Poland schools awarded a $58,800 contract on Monday to pave a parking lot for a new football stadium at Poland Seminary High School. Pennsylvania-based Butch & McCree Paving Inc. will begin work on the parking lot as soon as the stadium is finished, said Robert Zorn, schools superintendent.

B&B Construction Co. should finish the stadium by the end of July, about a month ahead of schedule, Zorn said.

While taxpayers will foot the bill for the $2.02 million stadium, The Poland Turf Club raised $700,000 to install a turf field, which has already been installed and used, said Frank Divito, board chairman.

The company left the home stands from the old stadium intact and rebuilt the rest of the stadium, Divito said, adding that the old stadium lacked modern amenities, such as sufficient visitor locker rooms. β€œThis is going to have a lot of newer, state-of-the-art stuff,” Divito said.