Pavlik on the record: Rumors are asinine

Middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik called recent rumors about his behavior "asinine" while hinting at legal action against Web reports that he checked into an alcohol rehabilitation center this week.

"There's like 500 stories. Which is it?" he said in a phone interview with The Vindicator today. "Did I stab someone? Did I get arrested for carrying a gun? Was I pulled over for a DUI? Am I in rehab?

"It's ridiculous. It's actually starting to become a joke. These people need to put more time into their own personal life."

Pavlik said he started hearing the rumors soon after missing a United Way charity event last month for a previous family commitment.

"After all the things I've done for charity, I miss one event and now everyone is saying I'm a bad guy," he said. "I did a charity softball game for the United Way last year with 2,000 people at Cene Park. I go to things all the time. I'm spread thin. I have a family to commit to. It's tough.

"I don't put my time into worrying about everyone else's life. That's why I'm a world champ. That's why I have one loss in nine years."

Pavlik said he has never been in rehab, nor does he have a drinking problem. He said he recently saw a sports psychologist to help him deal with the stress of fame.

"He definitely helped," Pavlik said.

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