ICE officials arrest fugitive in heroin ring

COLUMBUS — Federal immigration officials say they have arrested a Mexican fugitive accused of trafficking high-potency heroin throughout the Midwest.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Khaalid Walls says Jose “Carlos” Hernandez Salazar was taken into custody late Tuesday in Columbus. Walls says Salazar is among the Drug Enforcement Agency’s top 10 most-wanted fugitives.

Authorities say Salazar, nicknamed “the Ghost,” is an illegal immigrant from Mexico who is wanted in connection with several overdose deaths. Salazar was arrested by Columbus police on local charges before he was detained by immigration officials.

Salazar recently was featured on an episode of the show “America’s Most Wanted.” Walls says the Franklin County Sheriff’s department helped with the investigation.

Redistricting contest

COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has announced the winners of a competition to redraw congressional districts.

Fourteen redistricting plans were entered by the public for the competition announced in March. They were graded on whether the proposed districts were compact, didn’t overly favor one party and didn’t divide counties into multiple districts.

One of the three winning plans had nine districts that leaned Republican and nine that leaned Democratic, and 10 of the 18 districts were rated as competitive for either party.

The competition partners, including the League of Women Voters, wanted to demonstrate that districts could be drawn more fairly. They are currently drawn by whichever party controls the Legislature.

Brunner is a Democrat.


Barge strikes dam

PITTSBURGH — The Army Corps of Engineers says a barge carrying limestone struck a lock on the Monongahela River near Pittsburgh.

The accident happened about 1 a.m. Thursday at the Braddock Locks and Dam. Two of the five barges being towed broke free and officials had to close the area to river traffic for several hours.

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