Second Grade, Stadium Drive, Boardman

Second Grade, Stadium Drive, Boardman

Good luck Mr. President. I would like to ask you a question. Are you excited to move into the White House? I think that you are going to be a great president for the United States of America.

Anna Deeley

Are you excited about moving into the White House? Did you have a good Christmas? Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

Hunter Hayes

I hope you like your job as president. I know it’s a lot of hard work but you’ll get over it. Someday you will.

Seth Lucansky

How do you like living in the White House as the president of the USA? A lot of people are happy that you are our president, even us kids are happy and need a better education to get a great job.

Noah Robinson

I am happy you are the president of the U.S. I hope you have fun being the president of the United States. Can you come to our room one day? Do you like to draw and color? I love to. What is your favorite color? Do you like to play outside?

Meadow Bricker

Congratulations for being our president. I like your speeches, they are nice. I like you because you are a good president, and you are the first black president. I heard your family is nice, and I know your favorite sport is basketball and your favorite food is chili. You are a very nice president. Basketball is my favorite sport. You are my favorite president. I bet you are really good at basketball. I am really good at playing Pokeman and I am good at games. I bet Sasha and Mailia have been good and they are nice to you.

Sebastian Difalco

Congratulations for making president. I hope you stop wars and give poor people homes and food and clothes and pants. I hope your kids like their schools and make a lot of friends. I hope everybody has food and shelter.

Kareem Hamdan

Are you going to help people who don’t have a lot of money? Will you lower any tax payments? I would like to congratulate you for becoming our new president! Are your kids happy? Will you help people without a home? Are you glad to become president?

Siena Larrick

What will you do as president? Congratulations for being the first black president. What will you do to make our country better? Will everybody have a job? Will you redecorate the oval office? How are you doing since the election? How is your family doing?

Jiovanni Fernandez

Congratulations. I hope you have fun being president. Are you going to redecorate the oval office? Are you going to build houses for the poor? I hope you are going to be a good president.

Alex Wood

Good luck being president. I hope there are no wars and you and your family like living in the White House. Our country really needs more jobs. I am working hard in school and will want a job when I grow up.

Jordan Lowery

Congratulations being our president. I hope you lower gas prices. If you get a pet, get a dog. Get a black lab. I hope you enjoy the White House. My family voted for you.

Cameron Kreps

I learned that you will be president Jan. 20. Where are your kids going to school? Who is going to stay with your kids when you go somewhere? What is your dog’s name? My dog’s name is Sunny. She is a girl. I think you should buy a Nintendo DS. You can buy it at Target.

Blake C.

I learned that you will be president for the next four years. What is it like to be president? Can you stop Iraq wars? What was it like to travel? Please lower gas prices. Can you give back all the jobs?

Kailee James

I wish people would stop losing jobs. I wish taxes would go down. I wish gas would go down. I wish people would stop fighting. I learned that you will be president for the next four years.

Maya Bittar

I wish the U.S. and Iraq would stop fighting. I wish the gas would go down. I wish that bad people will go to jail. I wish that there were no guns. Where are your girls going to school? I thought the taxes would go down. I wish there were no bombs. I hope that there are no more bad guys. I wish there were no more car crashes. I wish we didn’t have any tornadoes. I learned that you will president for the next four years.

Dylan G.


My name is Nathaniel Ams. I’m a fourth-grader at Robinwood Lane Elementary. We had a class election, too. You won 20-18. I went to one of your rallies, and the three-hour wait was worth it!

Recently, my dad lost his job and luckily got another one. I know other people who have lost their jobs, too. What will you do about that?

What is it like to be president? Is it exciting, stressful, or both? Being president must be kind of cool, too. In conclusion, it’s great that you’re our president.


Nathaniel Ams

My name is Thomas Franco. I am in the fourth grade. I go to Robinwood Lane Elementary School. Congratulations on being elected for president. We are very proud of you. Good luck with your new job.

I hope you will keep our country safe and bring our soldiers home. Will you be able to lower our gas prices? Will you be able to lower our taxes? Could you help our schools financially? Could you help keep our jobs in America?

Are you nervous about being president? How do you like living in the White House? Is it tiring going through all the paperwork? Do you like answering all the questions from reporters? You have a very hard job.

I hope you can help our country and everything goes well. Good luck!


Thomas Franco

Congratulations on being elected president. My name is Noah Ogan, and I go to Robinwood Lane Elementary. I am in the fourth grade and am 10 years old. We had an election in my classroom. You won. You had 20 votes. I voted for you. Good luck President Obama, and help the USA.

If you need some ideas to improve the USA here are some of mine. Take troops out of Iraq, visit more foreign countries, and do not start wars. If you have any good ideas, then try them and learn more about foreign people.

Being the new president must make you a little nervous. It must be a good feeling to live in the White House. Bowling everyday for free, and getting your own airplane is very cool. How do you feel about being president? Just remember, have fun with it and do not be nervous.

In conclusion, congratulations and have fun. Be happy about being president. Good luck President Obama.


Noah Ogan

Congratulations on your big win! Hi, I’m Alexis Stutz. I’m from Boardman, Ohio. In school we had an election in fourth grade, and you won. The score was very close. I didn’t vote for you, but I’m glad you won! Good luck Mr. President.

What are you going to do now that you’re officially president? Well, if I were president I would stop sending people out to war! That’s what I would do. I think you are going to be a good president. I’m sure you are a keeper. These don’t come around very often, so good job.

Since you’ve become president, how do you feel about moving and running a country? How do your kids feel about going to new schools, and meeting new kids to play with? I hope that everybody will make you feel at home.

Well, I’ve got to go, but remember that we are here to help you. I know you’re going to be a good president, so please don’t be scared. You’re going to stand big and strong. Congratulations.


Alexis Stutz

My name is Amanda, and I am a fourth-grader at Robinwood Lane Elementary School in Boardman, Ohio. I am writing to congratulate you on winning the election for president of the United States, and also to wish you good luck.

As president, I would like you to try and help reduce the unemployment rates so people can get jobs and start working again. This would help the housing market go up because it would help my dad’s business. My dad is an excavator, and this would make his business better.

I would also like to know how you feel about being president. Are you nervous or excited about this new job? I know if I was elected president I would be very excited because I would like to know that I could help people.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate you, and wish you good luck on becoming the 44th president of the United States of America.


Amanda Bendel

I would want to wish you to help our country. We will watch you on your inauguration on TV. I hope you and your family will like the White House. I hope you and your family will be happy.

Did you about the inauguration? The inauguration is when you read the Bible and then they let you in the White House.

I would like you to do your best and help our country and then help us be powerful. In conclusion, help us.


Jenny Xiao

Congrats Mr. Obama! I wish you luck in the White House. You have big shoes to fill. There’s a lot of hard work to do. Well, I hope you change the world. Good luck, President Obama.

I have one question. How do you plan to fix the economy? We also have problems with global warming. Do you have any ideas on that? Companies that have been here a very long time have closed down. Is there anything you an do about that?

I know you are proud to be making history. There are many African-Americans. Youth like myself know anything is possible if you work. Stay focused and it will pay off. Maybe someday I’ll make history, too. In conclusion, it’s an honor.

Sincerely yours,

Skylar Cato

Congrats for being the new president. You have a lot of hard work coming up. You seem like a good president. Also I hope you have good luck being president.

I would like to know what you are planning on to make the economy better. I hope you help the economy by trying to get the gas prices to stay low. Also help our parents not to lose their jobs.

How do you feel about making history? You are setting a good example for your daughters and other young people. In conclusion, I can’t wait to see what you will do to make the economy better.


Ryan Skeens

I hope you can fix this country and the auto industry and their union. I hope you can get this country back in good shape. By the way, good luck!

How are you going to fix the economy? Are you going to lower or higher gas prices? How are you going to fix this country because it is in bad shape.

How does it feel to make history? I can look forward to seeing what you accomplish. I can also look forward to seeing you in office.


Jessica Beith

I would like to congratulate you on winning the election and becoming our next president. I will be watching you at school as you are sworn into office. I wish you the best of luck as our new president, and hope you can lead our nation.

I would like to ask you about the country and what you are going to do for it. First, I would like to ask about jobs. People in our community are losing their jobs. My parents are losing their money and their jobs. Do you think this situation will get any better in 2009.

What is it like to become the first African-American elected president? Now you are being compared to all the great presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. In conclusion, I hope you can live up to all of America’s hopes and dreams.

Please send a reply to my address.

Your friend,

John Beck, Poland, Ohio

I would like to congratulate you on your presidential victory. You were not my choice for president, but it is great to see history being made. Hopefully, you will follow through with the promises you made.

You are stepping into this position during a bad economic time. I would like to know your plans in turning the economy around. How are you going to get more jobs? These next four years will be hard for you.

Last, I would like to say good luck. Hopefully you will make your position in history worthwhile. How do you feel about making history? In conclusion, once again, congratulations and good luck.



I’m writing this letter to congratulate you for winning the 2009 election. I was very happy. I believe you will be like a breath of fresh air for our country. With all that is going on, we really needed some new hopes. I’m very sad that I’m too young to go to your inauguration on Jan. 20 but I know that I will watch it on TV and won’t miss it.

I’m in fourth grade, and I don’t know much about politics, but from what I’ve heard the economic system is in bad shape. Times are tough and many families struggle, some lose their homes while others lose their jobs. My dad works at GM in Ohio, and I’m very thankful for your support of the auto loan. There is no doubt that you have a big job ahead of you but I’m confident that you will keep your words and do well.

Mr. President, everybody counts on you. In fact, because of you, a new page in the U.S. history book is being written and a new story will be told. Like so many people, we will always remember you with pride. In conclusion, your presidency gives hope to all young Americans.


Nicolas Ouimet

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