Jackson-Milton Elementary School

Jackson-Milton Elementary School

Letters from fourth and fifth grades

Congratulations on winning the election! I know you’ll do what you promised, like lowering tax rates for small businesses an low- and middle-class families, lowering gas prices, and to bring our troops home! I also know you’ll do your best to straighten out General Motors.



Congratulations on being elected president! How do you feel? I’ve been told so many times that the White House is big. Can you please lower gas prices? My parents don’t go anywhere because of gas prices. My name is Katie. My dad’s name is Jay and my mom is Kelli, and my brother’s name is Anthony. I have a dog and a cat. My dog’s name is Dozer and my cat’s name is Boots. Are you happy? I’m very sorry about your grandma. My family and I will support you through your four-year journey at The White House.



I heard you are going to get a dog. I hope to meet your daughters one day. I want you to lower gas prices to like .40 cents. You are going to be a busy man soon. Can you try to fix this country? Please! Congratulations for being our next president.



I am so excited to write to you! How are you and your family doing? My family and I are fine. What do you plan on doing to our country? I believe you will be a great president. I send many thanks to you and your family.

Truly yours,


Are you nervous? I would be, but I am sure you will be a great president. Especially because you got this far because only the best of the best can achieve what you have. I hope you lower gas prices. I respect you in every way possible. Please write back. You rock!



I am truly excited to have you as our president for our country. I hope your family is happy because they get to be on TV. I hope you like the White House. I respect my 44th president. I hope I get to see the White House.

Your friend,


You are the nicest president ever. I hope you make better laws and gas prices. I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.



I’m Blake. I’m really glad you’re my 44th president. Please, when summer comes, give me and my family the best summer ever. Congratulations on being the new president. Good luck in the White House.



You are going to be a good president in my world. I hope you can keep General Motors running. You beat John McCain by a landslide which was very large. When I was watching Monday Night Raw and you sent a video message to Raw. Is it cool to live in the White House? I bet its cool to be president of the USA.



I have a really big feeling that you’ll be one of the best. It is really nice that you’re getting a dog. I have one myself. She’s a Pomeranian. They are those small ones with all the fur. I have seen your daughters on TV. They are pretty.



Congratulations President Obama for being the first African- American president. I hope you can change our community by fixing gas prices. I hope you can fix the jobs at GM.



First off, I’d like to say congratulations for getting to be president. As president what do you intend to do as president of the United States? Will you fix job problems? Will you increase or decrease gas prices? Will you increase or decrease taxes? Hopefully not, because us little people that are barely making it, if you raise things more how are us common people going to make it? Hopefully you can stop the wars and make peace with them. Also, I hope you can come to our school and tell us what you intend to do for our future.

Sincerely, Samantha

Congratulations on your winning on Nov. 4. It is such an honor to write to such a wonderful, smart and courteous man. When the election started, most of my family didn’t want to vote for you but I certainly did. And I knew that you would do a lot for or country and from the speeches to the interviews, they changed their minds. But now we’re all wondering how you’re going to fix the economy. You can do great things.

Your friend, Parker.

I am very excited to have you as our first black president because it’s like you’re our first president ever. I hope you can make our world a better place. I am asking you one thing – it is to help prices to go down so the poor can live like anyone else. I don’t think its fair to the [poor] at all. If you can do this one thing it will make the world a better and fair place. I want all people to live their lives as fun as possible.

Thank you, Mike

My grandma is a big fan of yours. She was never thinking of voting for McCain. My family was wondering if you are going to do anything about the gas prices going up. I would really like it if you wrote back to me soon.

Respectfully, Mikaela

Congratulations for becoming president. If I was seven years older, I’d vote for you. I’m 100% sure you will get re-elected. I guarantee you are my favorite president. I know you haven’t done much but you’re still my favorite. Also, what kind of puppy are you getting for the family? Well, good luck, but you won’t need it.

Sincerely, Nick

I would like to congratulate you on becoming president of the United States of America. I think you are an amazing role model because you stuck to what you believed in. You will make a terrific president because you do not care what others say about you.

Yours truly, Darius

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