Choffin Career & Technical Center

Choffin Career & Technical Center

First, I would like to congratulate you and your upcoming presidency! I am a student in the Youngstown area and honestly it’s kind of depressing living here. We have young people who are involved in killing each other on a regular basis. I am not just saying that — it is the young people who are involved. There are some older people involved also. But it is really emotionally difficult when you know someone who is either gone or in jail. What I would like to know is how you plan to make Youngstown and other cities in the same situation safer?

We have a small group of SADD students (Students Against Destructive Decisions) in our school district, and we want to go to the elementary and middle schools to reach out as mentors and show these children how to keep their tempers on the low and not seek revenge. However, this is hard with the limited time and sources to get this done. We really need somewhere for the children to learn good communication skills and be able to be around their friends instead of on the streets.

I am extremely excited to see the changes that you will bring to the United States. I wish you the best in everything you do. God Bless America!


Amber Berringer

I am a senior at Chaney High School in Youngstown, Ohio. I am also a student at Choffin Career and Technical Center. As a peer leader at Chaney High School, I look up to you as a role model because you inspire me to take my role as a peer leader to a higher level. Your success shows me that I can better myself in becoming a better and more successful person and that I can lead others as well as myself to be all that we can be and more. You gave the African-American children a better perspective of what they can actually achieve and become in life.

During your childhood did you every plan on ever becoming the president? Did you ever have dreams of becoming something that could change the world? If so, you showed us that dreams can come true and if we just work hard and take school more serious we can also become the next president as well. When you became president, you opened up a whole new world for us. You gave us courage and hope and a better understanding of the real world of how we can actually have a chance in this society and that we can make a differences, and for that, we thank you sincerely.


Breanna Cunningham

I would just like to say I am glad that there is a change in the White House for once. When I first saw you running for president on TV, I thought to myself that we finally have reached a high point in our country’s society. I also felt that our country’s downfall for the past years have reached their verdict and will soon be added by your expertise and high position. Mostly, I’m happy that our new president has a history of good priorities and is especially well educated in more than one field that is required.

Respectfully yours,

Ronald Smith

Happy New Year!!! What a better way to kick off the new year than with such a historic time. I am thrilled at the thought of you becoming our new president. I am so proud to be an American and honored to have you as my commander in chief! This election has proven the United States’ ability to unite as one nation under God and chose what’s best for our country. This particular election has given me the strength to follow my dreams and to never put restrictions on the because anything is possible. Mr. President, you and the first family have put so much encouragement into my family and me. You have taught me never to give up on anything just because other people think it can’t be done. I thank you for that.

Mrs. Obama has taught me to support my family and not only stand behind them but stand with them. I admire her strength and her sophisticated style. The Obama children have taught me to be calm and happy and to enjoy every aspect of life. You have a wonderful family! I don’t want to ask you any questions on how you’re going to “fix” America because I know you’ll do it right by all.

Many Americans see the American dream as living in a big house with big cars, but I see the American dream as living like the Obamas. Respectfully yours,

Chena Cross

I’m a junior in high school and I’ve been wondering this for a while. I know you have bigger issues and probably won’t even touch the situation, but since you spoke on it, what exactly would be your ideal college football playoff? Would it the be top 8 from the BCS? Is it the top 16 from the BCS? Would it include conference winners or what? Neutral fields or is there a home-field advantage? Even bye weeks, would there be one?

My idea of it would be top 12; top 4 get a bye week. Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Alabama get the bye weeks. #12 Cincinnati goes to #5 USC, #11 TCU goes to #6 Utah, #10 Ohio State goes to #7 Texas Tech and #9 Boise State goes to #8 Penn State. Oklahoma gets the lowest-seed winner and Alabama gets the highest-seed winner. The rest goes by like a regular playoff. I think its a good idea, and I too believe there should be a playoff after this year is finished.

One more thing. Is that basketball court really going to be built at the White House ? That’d be crazy.

Respectfully, Anthony Mitchell

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