Casino would make thing worse

Casino would make thing worse


Well, the gambling syndicate Penn National is at it again — trying to get casinos established in Ohio, though the voters voted them down twice. Apparently Penn National thinks its slogan “Ohio Jobs and Growth Development” will be an effective smoke screen for their greed.

Note that the gambling syndicate is based in Pennsylvania and is required to pay 55 percent tax revenues to Pennsylvania on all Penn National’s gambling income. But the syndicate proposes to pay only 33 percent tax revenues to Ohio. Go figure.

No wonder Gov. Ted Strickland, U.S. Sen. George Voinovich and groups like the Ohio Council of Churches see through the sham and say, “In hard economic times the last thing needed is a casino to make things worse.”

As an editorial on “False Promises” in the Columbus Dispatch puts it, “Casinos don’t create economic development — like parasites, they follow it and suck wealth from it.”

Let’s say no to casinos!