Thanks to the troops

Thanks to the troops


With Veteran’s Day a few weeks ago and Thanksgiving upon us, the question I ask is: What are you thankful for? Are you thankful for your health? Family? Safety?

Have you considered thanking your local veterans for their extraordinary efforts to protect our country and freedoms? This Thanksgiving, veterans deserve your gratitude and appreciation.

The First Amendment explains that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. We often take these freedoms for granted. Simultaneously, we fail to remember the veterans who fought and continue to fight for these freedoms.

With websites like, Americans have the ability to support our troops and veterans. was created by three college students to show their thanks and support to troops and veterans and bring awareness to the freedoms we commonly take for granted.

Gratitude takes many faces, whether it is making a donation, writing a letter, or personally thanking a veteran. Your appreciation does not have to end when the day is over. This Thanksgiving, while you are sitting around the table with loved ones, I urge you to express your appreciation for our troops and veterans and remember our safety and freedoms they continue to protect.



A word to all those who help


I am writing at this time of Thanksgiving to express my gratitude for the ever growing generosity of the people from Mahoning, Columbiana and Trumbull counties. Agencies such as Catholic Charities Regional Agency could not exist without the donations made towards the Appeal for Church and Charity, the United Way Campaigns, passages of levies, support of fundraisers, such as “Men Who Cook,” and the kindness of untold businesses and individuals to ensure that other members of the Valley have a nice holiday season.

In spite of all of the gloom and doom of the economic crises in our country, the charitable spirit of the people in the Mahoning Valley is displayed. Each day, we receive phone calls from someone asking to become a Christmas sponsor to help with the over 400 children and 50 senior citizens that Catholic Charities Regional Agency provides holiday gifts. They also call in offering to give a Thanksgiving Food Basket to a needy family or a local business donates over a dozen turkeys to distribute to those who would do without on Thanksgiving.

As a result of the contributions offered by members of our community, we have been able to help more people this year. Though there continues to be a great need of assistance, and we can never help everyone, a day does not go by that I don’t open the mail and find a check to use for those in need.

I would like to thank the members of the Mahoning Valley community and let you know that your generosity, caring, thoughtfulness and support are appreciated and that each effort goes a long way in alleviating the hardship of member of our Mahoning Valley society and makes a positive impact on everyone it touches.

NANCY VOITUS, executive director

Catholic Charities Regional Agency


Act of kindness a world away


I am of the Hebrew faith and a retired steelworker. I recently took a trip to Jordan and Israel. I really enjoyed it.

I would like to tell about what happened in Jordan. I was visiting Petra when I lost my wallet. As soon as I noticed that I went to the Jordan tourist police. They were very polite and mannerly. I also made out police forms about it.

We didn’t have time to stay, so we got on the bus and headed back to Israel. During the trip, they called to say they found my wallet with everything in it. I got it when I crossed back into Israel.



Thankful for bus support


On a daily basis, our agency serves over 150 residents who are transported to employment, training and medical appointments in the community.

When the WRTA cut its evening and weekend routes, several of our residents lost jobs due to a lack of transportation, impacting their re-entry into the community.

Thanks to the voters, the levy passed and, with it, will be enhanced transportation for our residents. It is with great appreciation that we thank the voters for their wisdom in passing this levy.

No progressive community can go without an effective public transportation system.


Community Corrections Association


Thanks to all of good will


Each year Goodwill designates November as Thanks for Giving Month.

This year your local Goodwill would like to thank our community for its generous support. Your contributions help us to provide employment, vocational services, Radio Reading and other important services to people with disabilities, disadvantages and other barriers.

I’d also like to thank people who shop in our stores, our customers for whom we provide janitorial services and contract work, and the referral agencies and funders of various services.

As the tight economy impacts legitimate charities, your donated items and support are increasingly important, so I am urging donors to know to whom they are giving.

Many charitable organizations like Goodwill utilize your donations locally to provide services to our friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your continued support. Please donate wisely and well.

Happy Holidays to our generous community.


Executive director

Goodwill Industries, Youngstown

Thanks for the music


A great big thank you to The Vindicator and the Stambaugh Auditorium Association for their special treat to this community of the magnificent United States Marine Band concert at Stambaugh Auditorium last month.

To see the huge and diverse crowd that gathered to appreciate this kind of entertainment was surely gratifying. Why would we want to live anywhere else?



Thanks for special effort


We would like to call attention to a special person, Mrs. Ann DiTullio, the manager of the gift shop at Forum Health. The profits from the gift shop are used to fund nursing scholarships and other projects in the hospital and community. The Holiday Fantasy is an example of one of the fund raisers Ann oversees. This year gingerbread houses were decorated by employees and volunteers with proceeds from the raffle donated to Beatitude Hose.

Ann stocks the shop with unique items that are enjoyed by patients and visitors. It takes a special effort to make the shop successful and the community is lucky to have Ann DiTullio as the manager.



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