More info needed on B.J. Alan tax break, commissioners say

More info needed on B.J. Alan tax break, commissioners say

YOUNGSTOWN — Mahoning County commissioners said that, as a board, they haven’t been formally asked to establish a plan that could provide tax breaks to B.J. Alan Co. and other businesses that might want to set up shop in a designated area of Beaver Township off Calla Road.

Commissioners agreed that until they receive an official request, they are not ready to voice their positions on the matter.

“I don't really know what all the facts are,” Commissioner David Ludt recently said. “When I receive an official request and know all the facts, that’s when I can make a decision.”

The commissioners, along with Beaver Township trustees, confirmed that members of both boards have been approached individually and informally by representatives from the B.J. Alan Co. and The Regional Chamber, of which B.J. Alan is a member, about a plan that would establish an enterprise zone in Beaver — specifically in an area where B.J. Alan has proposed building a fireworks warehouse.

But neither the county nor the township has been approached formally, officials said.

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