Content that Zach finally came to her rescue, Hannah let go of his hand and fell to her death. Adam hosted a party for Tad and Krystal, but his hoped-for result didn’t happen when Krystal refused to leave Tad in return for information about Kate. Ryan continued to exhibit strange behavior, wanting to liquidate his Cambias assets. Annie refused to meekly cave in to Richie’s demand that she be tested as a possible donor. Joe called in a specialist — Angie Hubbard — to help treat Quentin’s mysterious illness, in which he’s showing the same symptoms as Greenlee. After Jack asked Julia for a date, a handsome stranger approached Erica.


Chris received an anonymous note (left by Lily) that Emily was a hooker, then overheard Dusty reveal that he and Emily made love on New Year’s Eve. After getting an important call, Dusty encountered someone and was found dead with a puncture wound on his body. Lily came out of a drug stupor and told Holden that Dusty is dead, as Holden wiped Lily’s prints off a syringe. Meg declined to press charges against Craig but said she’s leaving him. Rosanna became dizzy as Paul and Craig chastised her. Sofie wanted to spend more time with Hallie. Sam threatened Parker.


Donna arranged for Erica to find her in a hot clinch with Jake as proof of her sexual addiction, but Eric refused to walk away, saying he loves Donna unconditionally. Jackie pushed Nick and Brooke to be together, and admitted that Brooke is a better mother to Jack. Meanwhile, Taylor got so worked up accusing Brooke of having her implanted with Brooke’s eggs that she hyperventilated and passed out, prompting Brooke to tell Nick about Taylor’s mental state. Later, Brooke smelled booze in Taylor’s coffee cup and left with Jack. Taylor became furious when Nick sided with Brooke.


Crystal and Rob abducted Belle and Claire. Belle was knocked into the water and was rescued, but there was no sign of Claire, the only clue a tattoo Shawn remembered seeing on Rob’s arm. Bo ruled out Stefano being involved in the kidnapping because the job was too sloppy. Nick was torn over keeping quiet about Ford’s death. After learning that Ford’s contact lens was found in the basement of the sorority house, Ford’s father vowed to get revenge if anyone hurt his son. Lucas was shocked to see Stefano as his new cellmate. Stefano called EJ, insisting all is forgiven, but EJ feared his father would make a move to get hold of Johnny.


Nikolas’ rage claimed Robin as a victim, causing her to collapse after he pushed her and she hit her head. Nikolas finally decided to commit himself to the hospital. Spinelli, Logan and Johnny traced Lulu to a monastery near town. When Johnny and Lulu were trapped in a hidden room inside the catacombs they were tempted to make love, but Johnny realized this wasn’t the right time. Monica kept a secret from her family and co-workers. Jax and Carly admitted they wanted to have a baby. Jason helped defuse a potentially deadly situation at the hospital created by a distraught family member. Ric decided to leave town for a while to think things through.


Harley went to New York after Remy told her that Phillip is there, and Cyrus took off after her. Unable to deny their feelings, they began to make love, but Harley couldn’t go through with it. Having a change of heart, Harley returned home to discover that Cyrus and Marina are engaged. Gus and Natalia intended to elope, but when Olivia told Natalia she’s dying, Natalia was ready to temporarily postpone the nuptials. Lizzie felt ill and the doctor asked if she could be pregnant. Bill arranged for Coop to meet with him, holding a can of gasoline as he planned to take revenge. Cassie convinced Jeffrey to delay taking Will into custody.


Having no choice, Marcie handed over Tommy to Todd, and was arrested. Blair found that mothering Sam did not come naturally. Bo was awarded legal custody of Lindsay, but Nora told Lindsay she believes she faked her breakdown. Dorian made Charlie miss his lunch date with Jared, reinforcing old wounds, then suggested that Charlie keep his distance from Viki. Antonio and Talia’s relationship hit a stumbling block when her transfer came through and she had to work in Cherryvale. Natalie was deeply hurt when she walked in on Jared kissing Jessica, who was able to maintain her ruse as Tess.


Juanita found out that Theresa is in Mexico, and as Theresa attempted to flee, they came face to face. Fancy realized Sheridan was using Marty to keep Luis away from her. Meanwhile, Pretty accepted Alistair’s help to split up Luis and Fancy for good. Ethan set out to discover who’s been doing away with Esme’s lovers, unaware that the killer is targeting him. Fed up by Kay’s insistence to stop doing magic, Tabitha intended to locate the letter Miguel wrote exposing her as a witch, and be done with his rules.


Nikki bought David’s story about his argument with the unknown man and refused to erase her debt to Victor by leaving David. Nikki agreed to marry David and went along with his suggestion to sell NVP to Victor, but Victor turned down her offer. As Nikki prepared to battle Victor in court, David was on the phone, saying he’ll have an answer that night. Lily and “Marina” (Amber) were semi-finalists in the Jabot contest. Gloria asked Kevin to create a plan to set up Jeff for her “attempted” murder when they got back from their quickie wedding in Las Vegas. Sharon told Brad she never loved him. Jana was released from jail and Colleen took care of her, making Adrian very uneasy.

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