Local GM plant begins work on new Cobalt SS

The new Cobalt SS carries
55 more horsepower.



LORDSTOWN — The General Motors’ car plant here has started work on the most powerful Chevrolet Cobalt yet — a turbocharged Cobalt SS.

A plant newsletter said a test model of the 2009 turbocharged Cobalt is on display in the lobby, and 18 additional test cars are to be built the week of Jan. 28.

Chevrolet announced in October that it would have the beefed-up Cobalt in dealerships this coming spring.

The new version will have 260 horsepower, which is 55 more than the model it is replacing, the Cobalt SS Supercharged.

The five-speed, turbocharged Cobalt can go from zero to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. It has a speedometer that reaches 160 mph.

“The horsepower will put a permanent smile on your face, and you’ll find yourself wanting to turn around and zip through your favorite stretch of twisty roads again,” Ed Peper, Chevrolet general manager, said in an October release.

The price has not been disclosed.

Turbochargers produce more power by allowing an engine to burn more fuel and air by pushing more of each into the engine’s cylinders.

Chevrolet said its racing unit has been using turbocharged Cobalts on racetracks throughout North America and Europe.

Chevrolet said the turbocharged Cobalt was developed by GM’s high performance division and features powertrain and chassis enhancements that are similar to the HHR SS. The Cobalt features performance stabilizers, brakes, steering and suspension system in addition to the engine enhancements.

On the exterior, the 2009 Cobalt SS has a modified front grill and a spoiler on the back. The spoiler can be replaced by an optional high-wing enhancement to give the Cobalt the look of a race car. The rear of the car also features a prominent exhaust outlet.

Previously, the Cobalt SS carried a supercharged engine that produced 205 horsepower or a nonsupercharged engine that produced 173 horsepower. The standard Cobalt has an engine that produces 148 horsepower.