Residents complain about potholes

CAMPBELL — Potholes are angering residents and frustrating city officials.

Several residents came to city council’s meeting tonight to complain about the “atrocious” condition of the streets and demand the city reimburse them for the cost of repairing damage to vehicle tires and rims.

Mayor John Dill said he realizes the streets are in rough condition, but he says the street department is filling the holes as fast as they can.

The problems stem from the “freeze-and-thaw” weather that tears up the streets, and the cold patch tar is pounded out of the holes by traffic nearly as fast as it is put in, the mayor added.

Dill said complaints about the potholes to his office are acted on as quickly as possible.

But residents said they want something to be done and asked what the city’s liability is for damage to vehicles.

Law Director Mark Kolmacic said the city is only liable if it doesn’t repair serious road defects within a reasonable amount of time after having knowledge of the defect.

He recommended that the city document calls about road defects with the name of the caller, the date and time of the call, and the date and time the repair is made. He said under normal circumstances, a reasonable amount of time to make repairs might be two or three days.

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