Fired official wants answers

The law director expects retirement specifics.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Rick Alli, in a letter to the mayor, indicates that he thinks he's being treated differently than other city employees who have retired.
The former Youngstown Police Department detective sergeant was fired April 20 by Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann. Dann, who hired Alli in early January as chief of law enforcement operations, fired him after concluding he was "double dipping" by remaining on the YPD payroll.
The Ohio Ethics Commission, at the request of Dann and the city of Youngstown, is investigating whether Alli improperly received two paychecks.
Late Sunday, Alli sent via e-mail a public records request to Mayor Jay Williams' office asking for copies of all policies and procedures governing employees who retire from the city.
The letter was forwarded to the law department.
From January though most of April, Alli stayed on the YPD payroll to use up his vacation and accumulated time. The city paid health insurance during that time, and Alli also accrued vacation and sick time, officials have said.
Alli sent a resignation letter last week, noting his last day was April 24. The letter said he would return his YPD-issued equipment and buy his gun for 1.
What Alli requested
Now, Alli wants notes and documents that reference or support why past practice should not be followed in his case.
YPD officials have told The Vindicator that employees who leave often run out their vacation and accumulated time rather than take a lump sum.
Alli also wants copies of notes and correspondence, including Ohio Revised Code sections, referred to by Law Director Iris Torres Guglucello when she made public reference to investigations with possible criminal charges.
Guglucello said Tuesday that she has no notes and never referred to any ORC section.
The law director said Alli did not retire from the city in January -- he went to work for Dann. She said she is not aware if Alli has since applied for his pension.
She said there is no policy that she's aware of that deals specifically with retirements. Such information would be contained in union contracts and city ordinances, she noted. She is reviewing contracts and ordinances to comply with Alli's records request.