Best and worst
Ratings for vehicles with the most healthy and least healthy interior space:
Small car: Best, Chevrolet Cobalt; Worst, Nissan Versa.
Family sedan: Best, Nissan Maxima; Worst, Kia Spectra S
UPSCALE SEDAN: Best, Volvo S40; Worst, Mercedes C350
Luxury sedan: Best, Lexus ES 350 and Acura RL; Worst, Lincoln Town Car
Large sedan: Best, Mercury Grand Marquis; Worst, Chevrolet Impala
Coupe: Best, Pontiac GTO; Worst, Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Convertible: Best, Chevrolet Corvette and Mercedes SLK280; Worst, Volkswagen Beetle
Sport car: Best, BMW Z4; Worst, Hyundai Tiburon
Station wagon: Best, Volvo V50 and Suzuki Aerio; Worst, Scion x8 five-door
Pickup truck: Best, Nissan Frontier; Worst, Chevrolet Silverado
SUV: Best, Chrysler PT Cruiser and Acura RDX; Worst, Subaru Forester
Minivan: Best, Honda Odyssey; Worst, Chrysler Town & amp; Country
Heavy-duty truck: Best, Hummer H2; Worst, Chevrolet Express