IN THE CUP Area aces

Bob Vanlancker of Poland holed the 188-yard No. 14 hole at Yankee Run using a 3-iron during the Tri-County Autism Society tournament. Larry Klimas witnessed the shot.
Bill Kay of Youngstown aced the No. 12 hole at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Alliance. He used a 6-iron and the shot was witnessed by Nick Rosian, John Jay and Jim Summerville.
Ed Hull made an ace on the 143-yard, No. 12 hole with a 7-iron at Bedford Trails. The shot was witnessed by Antonio DiCristofaro and George Zografides.
Rob Polivka of Niles aced the No. 5 hole at Tamer Win Golf Course in Cortland. Witnessing the shot on the 153-yard hole were Jack Matthews, Gary Sayers and Norma Hart.
Mill Creek Par-3 aces were made by Kevin Hurtak on No. 16 (73 yards); Greg Nutt No. 9 (75 yards); Chris Raubenstraw No. 17 (77 yards); Katie Burkey No. 6 (65 yards); Scott Smaltz No. 9 (75 yards); Dan Sobnosky No. 13 (82 yards); Paul Testa No. 15 (70 yards); Zack Fortunato No. 16 (73 yards); Dan Brown No. 6 (65 yards).
John Flynn of Hubbard made a hole-in-one on the 155-yard No. 6 hole at Mahoning Country Club. He used an 8-iron. Witnesses were Tom Testa and Mark Carano, both of Hubbard.

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