On the SidE. . .

This and that from the world of Valley politics.
CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS: The Democrats of the 17th and 6th Districts, a local political organization, is endorsing Youngstown City Council candidates in next month's primary.
Those getting the endorsements are: Mike Write in the 1st Ward, DeMaine Kitchen in the 2nd, Jamael Tito Brown in the 3rd, Councilwoman Carol Rimedio-Righetti in the 4th, John Palermo in the 5th, Janet Tarpley in the 6th, and Councilman Mark S. Memmer in the 7th.
What's in a name? Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, had some name issues during a recent visit to Youngstown. For instance, he couldn't remember the name of Arnold Clebone, the newly-appointed Youngstown regional economic development director, who was standing next to him. But then, Clebone was hired by the Department of Development, not appointed by Strickland .