Marriage licenses
Andrew Pluchinsky Jr., 52, of 7246 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, Poland, and Cheryl F. Mikesell, 51, of same.
Keith A. Remley, 47, of 8317 Chesterton Drive, Poland, and Brigitta J. Jordan, 43, of same.
John W. Armstrong, 51, of 6401 Center Road, Lowellville, and Brenda W. Dombroski, 61, of same.
Jason N. Kirk, 20, of 365 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, and Natisha J. Robinson, 19, of 876 E. Philadelphia, Youngstown.
Robert J. Oliver, 25, of 590 Tod Lane #1, Youngstown, and Tawnie A. Reiter, 23, of 152 Aspen Drive, Warren.
Derek A. Rubicky, 39, of Boardman, and Roseanna M. Nock, 23, of Boardman.
Richard A. Willrich Jr., 33, of 205 W. Wood St., Lowellville, and Sharon M. Lombardo, 31, of same.
Carmelo Morales Jr., 26, of 3509 Zedaker St., Youngstown, and Jessica L. Viera, 21, of 3941 S. Schenley, Youngstown.
Joseph H. Best Jr., 25, of 6567 Poland Center Drive, Poland, and Jessica E. Mulch, 20, of same.
James Morgan, 21, of 3210 Solar, Warren, and Ashley M. Bell, 18, of 1632 E. High Ave., Youngstown.
Divorces asked
Carl Warner Rango, 9895 Citadel Lane, Apt. 204, Benita Springs, Fla., v. Mona Lisa Linker Rango, 9140 Woodworth Road, North Lima.
Vivian A. Wolff, 530 Tenney Ave., Campbell, v. John E. Wolff Jr., 4102 Notre Dame Drive, Campbell.
John Gaia, 2348 Russell Ave., Youngstown, v. Rhonda K. Gaia, 140 Drummond, Hubbard.
Jonathan L. Rydarowicz, 14261 Lisbon Road, Salem, v. Jamie L. Rydarowicz, 126 S. Market, Lisbon.
Dissolutions asked
Anthony M. Antonaccio, 59 W. Lewis St., Struthers, and Beth Ann Antonaccio, 1614 Price Road, Youngstown.
William A. Baird, 462 S. Broad St., Canfield, and Diane Baird, 6385 W. South Range Road, Greenford.
Stacia Julain Haynes, 107 Brookline Ave., Youngstown, and Anthony M. Haynes, 91 Duncan Lane, Youngstown.
New complaints
Systran Financial Services Corp. et al v. Michael Leson et al, money.
Sandra Marshall v. Jennifer S. Griffin et al, money.
Larry M. Wylie v. Michael Hayes et al, money.
John J. Rago et al v. Thomas C. Martin et al, other torts.
Arley Edgell et al v. Robert A. Lucente Jr. et al, money.
Michelle Morris v. Tina Kielmeyer et al, workers' compensation.
Dr. Jeffrey Patterson v. Global Payments, money.
Loriel L. Singer v. Tina Kielmeyer et al, workers' compensation.
Allstate Indemnity co. v. Timothy M. Williams, money.
Bank of New York as trustee et al v. Joseph G. Lampe et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank v. Paul E. Holden et al, foreclosure.
Paula G. Barany et al v. Flora Cutrone et al, other torts.
Bank of New York Trust Co. NA as trustee et al v. Brian Urichich et al, foreclosure.
Derek Culver v. Rosemarie Kascher, money.
GreenPoint Mtg. Funding v. Michael Helscher et al, foreclosure.
CitiMortgage Inc. v. Terry A. Vicars et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee v. Robert C. Lasalandra et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. et al v. Frank Rolland Sr. et al, money.
Nannicola Wholesale Co. Inc. v. Toledo Silver Streak, money.
National City Bank v. Kevin P. Miller et al, foreclosure.
Deborah S. Shields v. Sunrise Senior Living Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Mary Lisovitch et al v. Robert G. Sill et al, other torts.
Chase Home Finance LLC v. John Birath et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA et al v. Andrew W. Ruhl et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust as trustee v. Carrie Gray et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Inc. v. Alan Yerkey et al, foreclosure.
Citibank (South Dakota) NA v. Becky S. Hughes, money.
Darryl Haynes v. Callos Temporary Staffing LLC et al, workers' compensation.
Kathleen Bowman v. Diocese of Youngstown Cemeteries, money.
Progressive Casualty Insurance v. Gary M. Stanke, money.
City of Youngstown individually and on behalf of the People of the State of Ohio v. Sherwin-Williams Co. et al, money.
Huntington National Bank v. Arthur Deininger et al, money.
Liberty Savings Bank FSB v. James P. Vaught et al, money.
William A. Miller v. Tina Kielmeyer et al, workers' compensation.
Donald Snipes v. Estate of William Busch et al, money.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Bruce D. Beers et al, foreclosure.
US Bank NA as trustee v. Gerald E. Oakes et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank NA v. RRI of Ohio Inc. et al, guaranties, foreclosure and writ of possession of personal property.
Jerad S. Deweese v. BDB Energy Services Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Jerome F. Tuscano v. Tony Scandi, money.
Nicholas P. Durse et al v. Allstate Insurance, other torts.
Wells Fargo Bank NA as trustee v. Catrice D. Moffett-Spradley et al, foreclosure.
National City Mtg. et al v. Joseph A. Lileas et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. v. Bill Gries et al, foreclosure.
Merrill Lynch Mtg. Lending Inc. et al v. Natan M. Rolle et al, foreclosure.
Renee Zuzan et al v. Helen Seidita et al, other torts.
Deutsche Bank National Trust as indenture trustee v. Theodore A. Ostavitz Jr. et al, money.
Real estate
Jeraldine B. Burchfield to Scott Yeagley, Alden Ave., Alliance, 37,500.
Pasquale D. Agresta et al to Judith Shugart, Lowellville Road, Struthers, 32,000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee to Leicester House Properties LLC, Manchester Ave., Youngstown, 22,500.
DLJ Mtg. Capital Inc. to Valkyrie Properties LLC, 19,000.
AAGE & amp; Company Inc. et al to Michael J. Patrone et al, Green Twp., 45,500.
Dorothy V. Jones to The Roger Milgrom Trust, West Marion Ave., Youngstown, 5,002.
Philomena M. Liguore to Clark One Investments, West Judson, Youngstown, 16,200.
Richard M. Gilbey et al to Nancy A. Findlay, Cook Road, Columbiana, 107,000.
JAB Investments Inc. to Wesley V. Harris et al, Palmer Ave., Campbell, 18,215.
ASMC Servicing Ltd. to Carmen Neopolitan et al, Fifth St., Struthers, 9,500.
Douglas J. Kress et al to Scott E. Rymer et al, Birch Hill Drive, Youngstown, 84,000.
Todd Larsen to Harold Nichols et al, Southern Blvd., Boardman, 80,900.
Joyce McClay et al to Peter Vass, Loma Vista Drive, Youngstown, 86,000.
Greentree Servicing to Neil R. Kennedy, Struthers Liberty Road, Campbell, 36,500.
Dora M. Bindas to John P. Barsda et al, N. Belle Vista Ave., Youngstown, 55,900.
HSBC Mtg. Services Inc. to Kent Mazey et al, Hunters Cove, Boardman, 233,800.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Donald G. McDaniels, 10621 Johnson Road, North Benton.
Gary L. Richards, 694 Coitsville Road, Campbell.
Richard L. Razo, 1837 Oles Ave., Youngstown.
Michael J. Martin Sr., 6931 Mahoning Ave., Alliance.
Maxcene M. Sullivan, 4843 Westchester Drive, Apt. 113, Austintown.
Andrea L. Rossell, 3917 S. Schenley #2, Youngstown.
Carly I. Shelton, aka Carly I. Houshour, 12123 state Route 534, Goshen Twp.
Rose Marie Turek, 871 Cameron Ave., Youngstown.
Yolanda M. Pearson, aka Landy M. Pearson, P.O. Box 5, Damascus.
Charlene Jones, 1467 Stewart, Youngstown.
Patricia Dixon-Crockett, 737 Fairmont, Youngstown.
Jennifer A. McCullough, P.O. Box 55, Damascus.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Jennifer Timlin, 191 Lowell Ave., Boardman.
Peter Varsho, 208 Berkshire Drive, Youngstown.
Joanne L. Colla, 46 Carter Circle #1, Youngstown.
Donald D. Stewart aka Joni Stewart, 459 Rhoda Ave., Youngstown.
Timothy J. Donnalley, 16080 Pine Lake Road, Beloit.
Gary Boris, 2926 Rexford Road, Youngstown.
Michael Bisignani, 7057 West Blvd., Apt. 134, Boardman.
Linda L. Poindexter, 125 E. Judson, Youngstown.
Ray L. Bartlett, aka Kimberly J. Bartlett, 768 Ohltown Road, Austintown.
Rachel Wilkins, 212 Upland, Youngstown.
Robert L. Galloway, 58 Harvey St., Struthers.