Group plans two outbuildings

STRUTHERS -- The Struthers Save Our Stadium Committee, whose leaders say they are hoping to interest more people in its effort, will meet at 5:50 p.m. Thursday in the Struthers Board of Education building at 99 Euclid Ave.
In the short term, the committee plans to continue cosmetic projects to get the stadium through this year's football season and into the 2007 season, said Danny Thomas Jr., committee spokesman.
Long-term, the committee plans to either refurbish the stadium with a 1937 retro look, the year the stadium was completed, or build a new stadium. An engineer's study to determine if the nearly 70-year-old structure is salvageable is expected to be done by the end of the year, Thomas said.
In the meantime, the committee plans to build two out buildings: One to house a locker room, concession stand and restrooms on the visiting side of the stadium; and a smaller structure for dry storage. Whatever happens with the stadium, the out buildings will be built where they can accommodate a refurbished stadium or a new structure, said Thomas, who invited residents to attend Thursday's meeting and share any ideas they might have for the project.
For more information about the Save Our Stadium Committee, call Thomas at (330) 755-2181 ext. 138 or Bill Polis at (330) 719-8085.