Despite Kendall's dislike of Julia, she realized that Julia has genuine feelings for Ryan. Zach promised not to retaliate against Ryan, who is working for Cambias once more, even as Ethan declared war on Zach. Ryan later took steps to uncover what he thinks Zach is hiding. Tad admitted to Di that he cares for her, although he can't forgive her. After overcoming her captives with laughing gas, Janet schemed to have Tad, Jamie and J.R. suspect the worst about Jonathan. Babe and J.R. were honest with each other and agreed to get married again. When Jesse suggested that Josh become the co-host of Erica's show, Josh insisted that Erica should be the only host.
Emily and Henry encountered each other at the bluff, she hiding evidence and he getting rid of the illegal money. Emily convinced Henry to help get rid of Paul's car in return for her keeping his secret. Paul intended to make everyone think he committed suicide, but when Meg picked up the gun (the one Emily used to shoot Paul), she was caught by the cops. Hal managed to get Will fired and evicted, "for his own good." Turning down money from Carly, Gwen and Will ended up sleeping in the street. After learning that Maddie's fake e-mail brought B.J. to Oakdale, Mike proposed to Katie. Luke's closeness to his friend Kevin did not sit well with Holden.
Brooke insisted that Ridge try to work things out with Taylor. However, Ridge and Taylor's meeting quickly degenerated into name calling, as Ridge refused to forgive Taylor and announced that their marriage is over. After lashing out at Stephanie for not caring about his happiness, Ridge told Brooke that he's finished with Taylor and wants them to make another try. Much to his dismay, Brooke replied that their chance has passed, and asked Ridge to leave. Nick was uncomfortable with the prospect of Brooke getting back together with Ridge. Taylor told Stephanie they need to start a new life.
When Billie lied to the police in order to protect Chelsea, and said that she had hit and killed Zack, Bo realized he has to keep the truth from a grieving Hope. After Austin happily completed his takeover of Highstyle, Sami arranged for him to find out that it was Carrie's company. Carrie vowed to unearth the monster who did this to her, and Austin admitted blame. Kate made sure that Belle learned about Shawn and Mimi's engagement, and then tried hustling Mimi into a quick elopement. Marlena stopped John from throwing Alex off the roof because it was Lois who has been trying to kill her. With Lois in custody, John still remained convinced that Marlena isn't safe around Alex.
After divorcing Jax, Courtney almost married Nikolas, but they decided to wait. Courtney opted to accept Carly's offer to disappear until the baby is born and said goodbye to Jax and Nikolas, only to find her life put in danger. With Alexis trying to get Manny freed, Sam succeeded in goading Manny to violence but was frustrated while testifying. Lucas was found badly beaten after being alone with Frank, who he thought was interested in him. Lucas wound up getting arrested after he punched Frank. Tracy revealed herself to Alan and sought to get revenge on Luke. Meanwhile, Skye and Lulu teamed up to oppose Tracy.
Mallet floored Harley when he acknowledged that her love for Gus is exactly what he feels for her, but Harley pleaded with him to keep his feelings to himself. Not pleased to see Harley back at work, Alan-Michael sent her on a wild goose chase to Florida in search of Alan, who was shown, barely alive, in a snowy wilderness. Jonathan threatened to reveal Jeffrey and Richard's connection unless Cassie accepts his and Tammy's relationship. Cassie refused, but then spoke to Edmund, who confirmed that Jeffrey used to imitate Richard all the time. Sandy, secretly acting on advice from Jeffrey, got Jonathan freed by claiming to have accidentally started the fire.
After destroying the DNA sample needed for the paternity test, Tess located Claudia Reston in a rehabilitation facility in New York. An emotionally fragile Claudia was upset to learn that her father ordered the attack on Nash, and that Tess is pregnant. Jessica began to remember some of Tess' experiences. Cristian tricked Natalie into spending time with him. Following her heartrending testimony, Blair reached out to Spencer, asking for his help in getting over Todd. Asa ordered his private eye to locate someone from his past. Rex maneuvered Adriana into posing for the cover of Craze.
Alistair lay unconscious following the stroke, while Julian agreed to help Sheridan access Alistair's old passwords in search of information about Otto. Valerie wasn't pleased when Fox asked her to help him select an engagement ring for Kay. Endora and Tabitha arranged for Kay to avoid Fox proposing. Fancy was frustrated by Noah's unwillingness to commit to her and discussed it with a beautiful stranger. Katherine was faced with the dilemma of hurting Pilar or forsaking her own chance at love. Ethan asked for a transfer, wanting to relocate far from Theresa.
To make sure the police don't learn the truth about Tom's shooting, Ashley confessed to the murder and was arrested. While being kept in the dark about what he did, John noticed that his gun is missing. Neil complimented Yolanda on her work performance at Newman but was taken by surprise when Yolanda, fresh from the shower, came on to him. Colleen returned to town and learned from J.T. that he and Mac are together. Phyllis was finished with Jack after finding out his plans to sue her and Nikki if they moved ahead with the spa project, as the women vowed to make sure their business plan succeeds. Sierra warned Devon that eventually the truth about Lily's letter would come out.
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