Marriage licenses
Jess D. Goff, 23, of 10815 Unity Road, New Middletown, and Mary Kay Snyder, 22, same address.
Jackie R. MacLochlan, 64, of 3395 S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, and Cynthia A. McKenzie, 59, of 203 Eastwood Drive, New Middletown.
Robert W. McCormick Jr., 26, of 194 Center Street, Struthers, and Lindsay M. Brill, 23, same address.
Joseph M. Gabriel III, 30, of 1931 Peachtree Court, Poland, and Kristen I. DiPasqua, 31, of 3761 Indian Run Drive, Canfield.
Real estate transfers
Robert Youngken to Anthony Mooreland, Youngstown, $51,000.
Jack Poykanowicz to Donna L. Kelly et al, Youngstown, $108,000.
Joan S. Pucci et al to Ronnie LTD, Youngstown, $35,000.
Carmin Cassese to Phillip Motton, Youngstown, $25,000.
Ole Partnership to Naffah Development, Mahoning, $100,000.
Robert Fletcher et al to Douglas Caswell et al, Boardman, $220,000.
John McCabe Jr. et al to Frederick Zerm et al, Township of Austintown, $82,900.
Emmett Warren Jr. to Michel P. Tubbs, Youngstown, $1,000.
Robert J. Eskec to Robert J. Gragorace Jr., Youngstown, $1,000.
Michael J. Grappo et al to William Scarvel, Boardman, $190,550.
Joseph Costarella to Anthony D. Costarella, Youngstown, $124,900.
Patrick Manning et al to Daniel C. Barninger, Youngstown, $87,500.
Mildred Kanik to Richard A. White et al, Youngstown, $182,500.
Robert Papes et al to Robert Michael Smith et al, Columbiana, $315,000.
Elizabeth Hughey to George Burton, Youngstown, $13,000.
Todd Henning to Jodi Erskson, Austintown, $84,500.
Gerald Esarco et al to Renee A. Bukowski, Lowellville, $30,000.
Kevin Dill to Amy Tucker, Campbell, $85,000.
Estate of Madeline Infante to Mary E. Hahn, Youngstown, $58,000.
Bank of New York to Stephen Corll et al, Canfield, $113,000.
Tami Wayland to Gerald Goodspeed, Youngstown, $70,000.
Jennifer Mayo et al to Clyde McClemmons Jr., Youngstown, $57,900.
Emily S. Hura to Augustine Gonzales Jr., Campbell, $70,000.
Edward A. Megyesi II et al to Corey Andrews et al, Youngstown, $130,000.
Estate of Carol A. Macey et al to Lucille S. Moore, Campbell, $40,000.
John Sforza et al to GMAC Mortgage Corp., Canfield, $70,000.
Gary Kekel et al to Gary Sherer et al, Canfield, $106,000.
Jeffrey Arnet et al to Gloria Robinson, New Middletown, $152,000.
William Cappabianca to Johnny Naples, Youngstown, $12,000.
Louis D. Woolley et al to 80-4 All Inc., Girard, $50,000.
Garlock Brothers Ltd. to Jason L. Hagan et al, Sebring, $22,000.
Maria T. DiSanti to Stephen Mirich Jr. et al, Youngstown, $108,900.
National City Bank Home Loan Services Inc. to Mark R. King, Lowellville, $28,000.
Daniel Seydorsky et al to William Sadlovesh et al, Boardman, $189,900.
Anthony Marzano to Karl Susinger, Youngstown, $69,000.
Edwin L. Ott to Stephen M. Lodwick et al, North Jackson, $2,600.
Iverson Investmanet Inc. to Ralph Valderrama et al, Youngstown, $11,000.
Marriage licenses
Jason D. Hostetler, 20, of 8641 Fletcher Road, Middlefield, and Betty Miller, 21, of 8847 N. Girdle Road, Middlefield.
Joshua J. Kovar, 24, of 3553 Phalanx Mills Road, Southington, and Lauren M. Gilanyi, 22, of 3759 Herr Road, Southington.
Stephen M. Sydlowski, 38, of 709 Grover Ave., Masury, and Mindy S. Hrybiniak, 30, of 891 Albright McKay N.E., Brookfield.
Todd L. Spicer, 32, of 1149 Douglas N.W., Warren, and Dorise M. Stafford, 37, of 1426 5th St., Apt. 7, Warren.
David M. Tecco, 54, of 2863 Oakwood Ave., Southington, and Kathy A. Barnes, 49, same.
Fred E. Lawson Sr., 31, of 6331 Morrell Road, Bristolville, and Sandra K. Gargano, 47, same.
John L. Pompoco III, 27, of 8498 Warwick Rd., Warren, and Christy L. Eazor, 27, same.
Barry L. Strimple Sr., 55, of 4554 N. Park Ave., Warren, and Bonnie L. Shaver, 59, of 5051 N. Park Ext., Warren.
Russell J. Tinker, 23, of 414 Ridgeway Place, Newton Falls, and Alysia M. Bateman, 22, of 219 Ashlynn Court, Newton Falls.
Matthew L. Hunter Sr., 36, of 2045 Van Wye,Warren, and Brenda A. Bell, 42, same.
Robert J. Ostrode, 26, of 3111 Everett Hull Road, Cortland, and Jessica L. Scott, 25, of 913 Walls Lake Dr., Vienna.
George R. Gillie, 33, of 79 Helen Ave., Niles, and Christina J. Seger, 28, same.
Kenneth V. Jones, 55, of 2570 B-C. Townline Road, Bristolville, and Diane DePasquale, 50, of 2162 Thomas Road S.E., Hubbard.
Edward A. Sproviero, 38, of 983 Dravis Ave., Girard, and Amy L. Foust, 32, of 446 Parkview Drive, Girard.
Charles K. Davis, 40, of 1410 Shannon Road, Girard, and Darcy A. Brown, 35, same.
Donald T. Black, 21, of 3351/3 S. Market St., Girard, and Jodie M. Bowles, 22, same.
Philip D. Fiest, 28, of 2005 Coit Drive, Warren, and Vicky D. Sewell, 24, of 975 Gillmer Road, Leavittsburg.
Steven M. Stimpert, 19, of 1505 Duffus, Warren, and Wendy F. Hyde, 24, of 9271 King Graves Road, Warren.
Daniel A. Nestich, 26, of 4173 Nottingham, Youngstown, and Kathleen A. Hollis,24, of 984 Saul Drive, Hubbard.
Joel A. Barton, 29, of 133 Bennett, Vienna, and Kristin R. Oswald, 23, of 4318 Bethel New Wilmington Road, New Wilmington, Pa.
Jonathan D. Taub, 23, of 321 Lincoln St., Sharon, and Jessica L. Schell, 21, of 6482 Stewart Sharon Road., Hubbard.
Christopher L. Smith, 25,of 6061 Orangeville Kinsman Road, Kinsman, and Kristina A. Gregory, 23, same.
Bryan T. Gough, 28, of 3130 Beal St., Apt. 4,Warren, and Karen L. Prater, 27, of 5632 Breezewood Lake Dr., Brookfield.
Brian C. Wylie, 27, of 459 Ohio Ave. N.W., Warren, and Saphirra M. Bauer, 21, same.
Patrick R. Morrison, 26, of 1355 Brighton N.E., Warren, and Jodi L. Libert, 23, same.
Phillip D. Brady, 27, of 4647 Old State Road, West Farmington, and Alicia M. Drevna, 25, of 8585 Knauf Road, Canfield.
Keith W. Sponseller, 22, of 1292 Hyde Shaffer Road, Bristolville, and Lucille L. Lexso, 19, of 5851 Hoffman Norton Road, Bristolville.
David W. Crawford, 47, of 1704 Ogden Ave. N.W.,Warren, and Gertrude E. Henry, 42, same.
Michael J. Hayslett, 27, of 5560 Lakeview Dr., Cortland, and Amber L. Nezbeth, 24, same.
Kevin D. Vanoverbeke, 46, of 2739 W. Liberty St., Girard, and Kimberly D. DePizzo, 42, of 725 Robbins Ave., Niles.
James E. Grayson, 43, of 4776 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland, and Natatlie F. Pishotti, 30, of 1485 Atlantic St., Warren.
Christopher L. Woods, 22, of 4350 Berkshire Drive, Apt. 302, Warren, and Ann Marie Hissom, 23, same.
Timothy J. Warzala, 21, of 2873 N. Leavitt Road, Warren, and Stephanie M. Wisniewski, 21, of 6301 St. Rt. 45, Bristolville.
John J. Vournous, 29, 795 Briarwood Road, Hermitage and Kara A. Baldarelli, 29, of 3026 Spangler Road, W. Middlesex.