h'Clean Sweep' star's book helps you organize

h'Clean Sweep' star'sbook helps you organize
Maybe you've watched TLC's "Clean Sweep," and you already know professional organizer Peter Walsh is a whiz at organizing a house. But did you know he can also help you organize a company picnic, a trip with children and even a go at winning the Tour de France?
Walsh offers tips for tackling just about any organizing challenge you can think of in "How to Organize Just About Everything."
Granted, you may never need his pointers on fighting an ebola outbreak or running for president, but there are plenty of ideas in the book that most people can use, all organized by topic and offered in easily digestible amounts of information.
In all, Walsh gives advice for 501 tasks, from how to keep a car tidy to how to be happy.
"How to Organize Just About Everything" is published by Free Press, a division of Simon & amp; Schuster.
It's priced at $25.
Ice Viper melts ice damswith chemical compound
A couple of Minneapolis entrepreneurs have tweaked an old home remedy to come up with a new way to melt ice dams.
John Valiton and Scott Rethwill have developed Ice Viper, a mesh tube filled with a chemical deicer that melts ice buildup on the edge of a roof.
The product is modeled on the idea of filling a nylon stocking with salt and placing it on the roof, except these tubes are filled with magnesium chloride, sodium chloride and a corrosion inhibitor.
Unlike salt, the deicing compound is designed to prevent damage to the home's exterior and reduce concrete scaling.
The product typically starts working in two to three hours, melting the ice and creating channels to let the water escape harmlessly instead of seeping into the house.
The manufacturer recommends placing one Ice Viper every 15 feet, or 10 feet for severe ice dams.
Ice Viper sells for about $16 and is available at Home Depot and some hardware stores.
Storage space
Get the most out of a small space by furnishing it with seating and tables that have built-in storage.
While still accommodating you and your guests, these units can contain items that do not need to be in view.